Iuliia Sukhomlinova

  The Hague - Rotterdam A blockchain enthusiast and a content writer at AirdropAlert.com. My final goal is to help readers find what they need, understand what they find, and use what they understand appropriately. Favourite mystery - Satoshi Nakamoto, favourite crypto - Bitcoin (BTC), favourite airdrop - BRD.


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AirdropAlert.com, can I sell airdropped tokens on your platform? YES!

So, you’ve airdropped a decent amount of ERC-20 tokens to your wallet, and we, at AirdropAlert.com, are very proud to be involved. But what’s...
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Free due diligence by ICOEthics and AirdropAlert

We’re looking for new ways to improve our due diligence! Being an AirdropAlert subscriber, you probably know that our due diligence team works hard...
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How to make an ETH transaction for the first time

We’ve already covered where and how you can buy ETH for the first time ever. In fact, Coinbase and CEX.IO turned out to be...
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How to buy Ethereum (for the first time ever)

Feel confident enough to try yourself in crypto? Figure out where you stand and click through the table of contents! I am ready to...
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Father Airdrop is giving away

Ho-ho-ho, boys and girls, you’ve been good this year, and Father Airdrop wants to give you a Christmas present for being such a great...
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The US SEC has just reminded token holders, they’re unprotected

If you want to join an airdrop or invest in an ICO next year, most likely, you will have to KYC for every new...
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Adventures of AirdropAlert Staff in Europe

This is Morten. He is the CEO of your favourite AirdropAlert.com platform And this is Ahmad. He is our business developer Now, to the...
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Stop sitting in BTC during corrections – put your money to work

Have you got a little bitcoin party going on down there in your wallet? Are you afraid of corrections and low markets? Fear not....
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Patrick Campos on the future of security tokens

When a whale like Blockchain.com is conducting a $125-mln-worth airdrop to verify their users’ identities or a project based on the concept of security...
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Hard forks aren’t that hard: get some coins

In continuation of our series on noncanonical ways to make money, we have already covered airdrops & bounties as well as proof-of-stake blockchains that...
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