Airdrop lists – AirdropAlert Newsletter Week 29

July 18, 2019

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Highlights AirdropAlert

  • Up to $47 from Top Airdrops
  • How to use Tron’s wallet, Tronscan
  • Browsing while earning BAT? Brave makes it possible
  • Facebook’s crypto node valued $10 Million USD

Top 5 Airdrops

AirdropAlert (CC)

2 Year Anniversary Celebration, dont miss out!

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Aussie Digital (AUD)

Variable amount of AUD tokens

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Counos (CCA)

1 CCA, referral reward available

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Cresio (CRES)

2304 CRES tokens ~ $24 USD

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DocTailor (DOCT)

25 DOCT tokens ~ $23 USD

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Featured Stories Newsletter

TRON is a platform where you can publish content anonymously.

In this article, TRON is introduced as well as Tronscan, one of TRON’s wallets.

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The Telegram Open Network (TON) is a project by Telegram.

Two pre-ICOs were cancelled before in 2018, now Telegram is close to launching another ICO.

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Brave (BAT) ICO finished in less than 30 seconds, back in 2017.

With the Brave browser you can earn BAT tokens while browsing (i.e. collecting Airdrops).

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Are you making sure you’re accounts and data are safe?

This article introduces simple yet effective solutions in keeping your accounts safe.

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Bounty of the Week

The Vision Banker Bounty Campaign is managed by julerz12.

The VisionBanker is a specialized App that stores the people’s eyesight data.

  • Bounty Budget: 15M VBK Tokens
  • 1 VBK = $0.01 USD
  • Bounty duration: July 13th – End of ICO

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News Updates

BOMB Airdrop is from february 2019, its value has gone up considerably, peaking $1200 USD.

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Would you pay $10 million USD for a node of Facebook coin?

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This is the AirdropAlert Newsletter 2019 Week 29.

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