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Highlights Newsletter

  • Up to $47 from Top Airdrops
  • People’s Bank of China planning its cryptocurrency
  • Special release on IP law and software
  • Ripple accepted for the Pro Plan

Top 5 Airdrops

SonicX (SOX)

SonicX Airdrop is worth 2500 SOX coins valued $10.

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All For Crypto  Crypto Airdrops

Hydro (HYDRO)

5000 HYDRO Tokens ~ $4 USD

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Arena Match Crypto Airdrops

Novem Gold (NVM)

Featured on Forbes, Novem Gold Airdrop

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Minglechain Crypto Airdrops

Cresio (CRES)

2880 CRES Tokens ~ $29 USD

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Lykke Crypto Airdrops

Erneus Ecosystem (ECO)

1 ECO Token ~ $1 USD

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Featured Stories Newsletter

stable coins

The People’s Bank of China has been working on a national cryptocurrency.

This article covers recent developments in its distribution.

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fastest airdrop

So far we have seen various forms of fundraising, namely ICO, STO and IEO.

A new form is introduced by Binance DEX, called the Initial Dex Offering.

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This article introduces a beginner’s guide to the 0x Protocol.

0x Protocol addresses the efficiency problem of decentralized exchanges.

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NEM features

Software consists of two components in the intellectual property laws.

One component is the underlying code, the other is the function/utility.

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Bounty of the Week

adsana bounty

The HiveNet Bounty Campaign is managed by HiveNet themselves via BitcoinTalk.

HiveNet aims to enable public decentralization of the cloud computing industry and empowerment of computer owners all around the world.

Adsana bounties
  • Bounty Budget: 2.5M HNT Tokens
  • 1 HNT= $ 0.08 USD
  • Bounty duration: Sept 9th – Oct 20th

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News Updates

north korea crypto

BitForex will give away $5,000 for the grand master in the perpetual contract trading master round 4.

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KuCoin Trias

It is possible to view your tokens in the AirdropAlert Dashboard, using the Ethereum Airdrop Wallet.

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This is the AirdropAlert Newsletter 2019 Week 37

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