Zombie Squirrels: Explore the Squirrelverse

2021 is winding down to a close, but the NFT craze is only getting bigger. And as we prepare for the new year, there’s a new entrant to the NFT world — the Zombie Squirrels. A collection of 2500 crypto-squirrels, this could well be the next big thing for NFT enthusiasts. The project comprises hand-drawn artwork of a dedicated group of artists, and each squirrel comes with its lore. 

Earlier, the project’s developers created Convicted Squirrels. But the marketers involved at the time fell short on their promises leading to a fallout with the core team. Moving on to a follow up drop was the best course of action for the community while limiting the supply of Convicted Squirrels to increase future community rewards.

Zombie Squirrels were born thus, donning the apt theme of rising from the dead. In this context, the founding team’s integrity is noteworthy. And as for the project itself, it is set to evolve into a rich squirrelverse, offering a novel experience for the users’ community. 

Minting Zombie Squirrels with IMX Tokens

You are probably aware of what NFTs are by now, as our experts have written extensively on this subject in the past. But just in case you aren’t, NFTs are unique cryptographic assets running over blockchain networks. Most existing NFTs, including Zombie Squirrels, reside on the Ethereum blockchain. And therefore, the general process of issuing new tokens, or minting, entails significant charges for Ethereum Gas

Zombie Squirrels, though, are different. You can mint them gas-free, thanks to the underlying Immutable X framework — a zero-knowledge rollup protocol and marketplace based on Ethereum — and its utility token named IMX. Besides reduced costs (nearly 1/10th), this layer-2 solution also speeds up the minting and settlement process manifolds. And on top of everything, you can still access the deep liquidity and other benefits of the Ethereum network. 

The broader community will also gain from the minting process directly, as 25% of the generated revenues go into developing the squirrelverse further. Furthermore, the ecosystem’s distributed governance structure enables community members to determine the usage of this fund. 

Bonus Offerings:  Book & Card Game 

Zombie Squirrels are genuinely unlike most preceding NFTs. Over and above the crypto-assets, you get a hard-bound, physical hand-book with every squirrel. This official lore book then becomes your guide into the stories of the squirrelverse, unlocking a whole new dimension. And yes, as mentioned before, every squirrel has its history and hails from an extended universe. There’s a cherry on the top, as well — wherever you are, the book ships free of cost. 

But that’s not all. To enrich the experience further, the project has a unique card game, designed around the narrative elements of the squirrelverse. Through this game, Squirrelverse: World Domination, you can rule the world with an iron fist, even as the Zombie Squirrel apocalypse arrives. The developers have also promised surprises, that you simply can’t miss. 

Join the Squirrel Community

The moment you get a Zombie Squirrel NFT, you become an integral part of its prolific community. And that is, after all, the beauty of this domain. So, first thing first, visit their official website, connect your Metamask wallet, and start minting Zombie Squirrels. Once that’s done, you can dive deep into the squirrelverse for an NFT experience like never before. 

You can join the Zombie Squirrels Discord server as that’s where the community has most of its discussions. Presently, the server has over 5K members and is the best place to keep updated on all the happenings in the squirrelverse. The developers are also there, engaging actively and regularly in AMAs and other community-oriented interactions. The Lich Kings are indeed quite helpful in letting you know about what is going on with the project. 

Discord is the place to be if you wish to learn about the project directly from the masterminds behind the creation. But that’s not the only option available to you, of course. As always, Airdrop Alert will intently follow the ecosystem’s evolution, bringing you timely information, news, and other updates. 

At this moment, a Zombie Squirrels airdrop is already underway, and unless you wish to miss out, there’s good reason to hurry. But even if you do miss out, there’s definitely more to come in the future. Keep following us, and keep exploring the squirrelverse.

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