XchangeRate Exclusive Airdrop, beginner’s guide for your crypto airdrop

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XchangeRate (XRR) Exclusive Airdrop by AirdropAlert.com

We are proud to publish our blog to inform our readers about the Exclusive Airdrop XchangeRate (XRR) and guide you through the process of applying for it. This Exclusive Airdrop has a referral reward included, where 80 XRR tokens are distributed for each airdrop applicant and an additional 20 XRR tokens for each referral.

Before showing how to apply for the airdrop, let’s talk about Caerus Connections.

Xchangerate.io is a data-driven robot that makes decisions based on the buy and sell attitudes on cryptocurrency exchanges and user parameters. Plugins and APIs feed the robot data and unique metrics to provide the insightful analyzing power. XchangeRate is a platform that will keep increasing the number of supported exchanges it trades with via API.

Exclusive Airdrop XchangeRate: Claiming your XRR tokens!

For the Exclusive Airdrop XchangeRate, you will need the following:

  • Telegram account
  • Twitter profile
  • ETH Address (From an ERC-20 compliant wallet)

Go to the airdrop form, fulfill the tasks and enter your e-mail address, usernames and ETH address. The video below shows the complete process of applying for the airdrop.

The video shows how to obtain the Telegram and Twitter usernames, it is important that these are correct. If you need further help with figuring out the usernames, have a look at

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