Why Is Crypto PR Important for Your ICO?

July 5, 2019


“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations”, said Bill Gates, and we couldn’t agree more. Well-handled crypto PR can be a game-changer when it comes to the success of your project.

PR can create a story around your brand, make it more appealing, and increase its awareness. It’s more than a just promotion. It’s the way people will see your project.

When it comes to blockchain/crypto startups, this is especially true. Blockchain is a new technology, still unknown and mysterious for most people. Blockchain/crypto projects can be hard to understand. And this is where crypto PR comes in to help you out.

How Crypto PR can help a blockchain/crypto startup?

Every day we are witnessing a new ICO on the crypto market or a new blockchain startup trying to change the world. Standing out in such a crowded place like the crypto market can be challenging. That’s why crypto PR companies use proven strategies for that. Here are some of them:

Press release distribution

If you want to spread the word quickly about the launch of your project, announcement, event, or an upcoming conference, you should distribute a press release. This will put you in front of the crypto journalists and your target audience.

Creating exposure on related publications

Crypto PR can help you to create exposure within your industry. It can place your project on relevant publications and websites. This also means making contacts in your industry, which is priceless for the future of your project.

Community management and promotion

Proof of community
Proof of community for blockchain projects by airdrops!

Building a community around your project is essential for its success. And crypto PR can help you with that. It can connect you with crypto influencers, promote your project through Telegram communities, and increase social media engagement.

Final words about crypto PR

Getting attention in the wild crypto world isn’t easy. In fact, the PR strategy requires a lot of expertise, resources, and effort. If you want a crypto PR strategy of the highest quality at a reasonable price, head over to our website PRAlert. Let’s get to work and spread the word about your project, feel free to reach out to us to discuss possibilities.


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