Who Are the Best Bounty Campaign Managers?

Crypto bounties are tasks or projects, and sometimes even jobs that you have to complete to earn tokens.

Blockchain/crypto companies usually distribute their tokens in an ICO or project.

This way the companies get exposure and brand recognition, while users get tokens in exchange for completing small tasks.

To help with bounties, companies often hire bounty campaign managers. These managers do tasks such as:

  • Listing the bounty on relevant forums
  • Announcing the campaign on social media
  • Engaging with community
  • Working with influencers
  • Answering bounty-related questions

Most of the bounty managers have profiles on Bitcoin Talk, and they’re active members of the forum. To save you from wandering around, we compiled a list of the best bounty campaign managers.

Let’s dive in.

List of bounty campaign managers


Sylon is one of the top bounty campaign managers on Bitcoin Talk. His membership level is Legendary, and he’s been on the forum since 2013. Besides Bitcoin Talk you can find him through his Telegram channel @SylonBounty. Some of his bounty campaign management projects include GEMERA, iCumulate, and Sendy.

Wapinter Bounty Portal

Wapinter has been on Bitcoin Talk since 2018, and his membership level is Copper Member. He offers running and promoting bounty campaigns, and so far he has worked with companies such as Thaler, DNA’s Community Bounty, and TOK app.


Hotachy has been a Full Member on Bitcoin Talk, and he’s been on the forum since 2017. He worked on bounty campaigns for companies like Product Protocol and Z-POP DREAM. You can also reach out to him through his Telegram channel, @TacticBtc.


Arteezy.rtx is a Copper Member registered on Bitcoin Talk since 2017. He offers bounty campaign management services, and you can also contact him through his Telegram channel, t.me/arteezyrtx. Some of the bounty campaigns he managed so far include ones from companies such as Triviata and Pngcoin.

Airdrop Alert & Bounties Alert

On Bounties Alert you can find a list of new, featured, upcoming, and past bounty campaigns. But besides listing bounties, we also collaborate with clients in running airdrop and bounty campaigns.

To list your bounty campaign you can choose among three pricing plans that best fit your needs. Our team will also work on promoting a bounty campaign, social media announcements, mentioning it in our newsletter, news feed announcement, engagement with influencers, etc.

BountiesAlert.com bounty managers
Bounties Alert

List your bounty on Bounties Alert

Are you planning a bounty campaign?

Are you interested in running a bounty campaign with us? If you want us as your bounty campaign manager or if you want us to list your bounty campaign feel free to reach out to morten@airdropalert.com

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