Where Can I Invest in IEOs?

Although the first IEOs appeared in 2017, this method of fundraising only started to attract attention at the beginning of 2019. You’ve probably already heard of IEOs, and their benefits over ICOs. Perhaps you’ve even considered investing in some interesting projects.

But the question that arises is where you can actually invest in an IEO. The answer is – on crypto exchanges. In the case of an IEO, the exchange has an intermediary role between the project and the investors.

The number of crypto exchanges participating in IEOs is increasing daily. Still, you must be careful when selecting an exchange since they tend to have different rules and regulations. For example, maybe the exchange has a list of restricted countries which are banned from participating, or maybe the exchange can only accept its own tokens as a method of payment, like Binance.

Which exchanges offer IEOs?

Initially, Binance was the only crypto exchange offering the IEO platform – Binance Launchpad. After its success, the popularity of other IEOs began to grow. Today, there are six exchanges with the IEO platform: Bittrex IEO, Huobi Prime, Bitmax Launchpad, Kucoin Spotlight, Exmarkets Launchpad, OK Jumpstart, Probit Launchpad and Bgogo Apollo.

invest in IEO

In March 2019, Huobi Prime held it’s first initial exchange offering (IEO). It was quite successful, with 1.5 billion Top Network (TOP) tokens on offer, all tokens sold out within just 19 seconds.

Also, in March 2019, KuCoin launched project called MultiVAC through its IEO platform, Spotlight. The exchange successfuly completed the Spotlight of META token.

Binance LaunchPad

The winner of all the IEO platforms is definitely the Binance exchange with their platform, Binance LauchPad. The first ever initial exchange offering, Tron’s BitTorrent, launched through this platform and it raised $7 million in 14 minutes.

Invest in IEO

After that, Fetch.AI became BitTorent’s second project, which also ended with great success. The project raised 69,204,152 FET, approximately $6 million, in just 10 seconds.

What about airdrops?

invest in IEO
Bittorrent Airdrop for Tron holders

We already know how important airdrop marketing is for IEOs, and BitTorrent confirmed that. On February 11th, BitTorrent initiated its first airdrop of BTT to TRON holders. Additionally, the team announced that over the next several years, BitTorrent will distribute a certain amount of BTT tokens to TRX wallets on a regular basis. If you want to stay up-to-date regarding the BitTorrent airdrops, check our website and subscribe to our newsletter.


One of the reasons why IEOs are so appealing is that the exchanges serve as the middle-man between investors and projects. When investing in an IEO, make sure that you choose the exchange that is best for you. Make sure that you have an active account there and that you understand its KYC requirements. And, finally, be sure that you can join an airdrop there. 

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