What is BZLcoin [Beginner-Friendly Guide]

June 6, 2019

BZLcoin is a cryptocurrency that wants to increase the participation of digital coins in the daily life of ordinary people. Founders are Estevão Bezerra and George Siqueira.

From Brazil to the world

The company behind the coin is Brazilian, and according to its white paper:

Its main foundation of action lies in the backbone of Brazil – in entrepreneurship. This means that much of the scope of BZLcoin’s peripheral projects will be designed to serve Brazilian trades and facilitate access and acceptance of the currency.

BZLcoin has a total supply of 10,850,000 BZLcoins, and you can trade with them in several exchanges such as:

  • CryptoBridge
  • STEX
  • Kompler
  • Crex24

Also, BZLcoin has its own wallet, which is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. According to their website, mobile and web version will be available soon.

How does it work?

The coin is blending proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS), which contributes to the decentralization of the project. When creating blocks, those using the proof-of-stake method (PoS) will use low difficulty hashes, while those using the proof-of-work (PoW) method will use more di­fficult hashes.


BZLcoin airdrops

The coin held airdrops on several occasions:

  • The first airdrop was held in Q3 of 2017, before the BZLcoin launch, which happened at the end of the same year.
  • Further, the second one was distributed in the first quarter of 2018, after the coin had launched.
  • And the third and final airdrop was held in Q4 of 2018.

In order to join the airdrop, you needed a BZLcoin Wallet, and you had to complete as many social media tasks as you want (about 10 tasks).


BZLcoin will soon celebrate two years of existence. Slowly but surely it’s getting better acceptance in the Brazilian market, the community, and among entrepreneurs.

Find Alerts for legitimate & good airdrops on the bigger Telegram channels.


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