What is a Phase Airdrop?

The well informed reader is probably aware that there are different types of Airdrops. In the second half of 2017, most common form of distribution mechanism was an Airdrop of a new token/coin to the holders of a particular token/coin. During those months for example, Bitcoin holders were rewarded with Byteballs. Since the past few months, the most occurring form of an Airdrop requires the applicant to perform social media related tasks. Examples are following the Twitter profile & joining the Telegram group of the ICO. This is the conventional Airdrop we know today.

However, this type of Airdrop brings with it disadvantages, for the applicant as well as for the ICO.

In this blog, the issues of a conventional Airdrop is explained and how a Phase Airdrop overcomes them.


Conventional Airdrop

The conventional airdrop is the most popular and used form, where users are required to join the Social Media platforms of the ICO. Most ICO’s decide to host the Airdrop themselves, but often unexpected problems occur which only become apparent when the Airdrop is already live. It  becomes difficult to simultaneously identify the source of the problem, do the community management and correct all the potentially erronous records.

Not is this only impractical for the ICO, but also for the visitors who apply for the Airdrops. As expected, most of the people who have difficulty with the airdrop, won’t receive the proper customer support because of the huge traffic.

The concept of Airdrop itself has also grown in popularity, the following graph shows the Google trends search term’s ‘crypto airdrop‘ popularity over the past year:


Google Trends: relative search popularity on ‘Crypto Airdrops’


For an ICO it is extremely important to now show any flaws of any kinds. Most ICO’s are so confident in their product, that they want to create global awareness as soon as possible, but haste makes waste. There is a clear demand for an alternative; Phase Airdrop

AirdropAlert introduces the concept of Phase Airdrop, to bring even higher Quality Airdrops to the community.


Phase Airdrop

This type of Airdrop re-opens in phases over several weeks. Everyone can participate in an entire Phase Airdrop only once. For example, if you missed out on phase one, you have to wait for phase two. If you joined during phase one, you can’t join in the next phases.

A Phase Airdrop will have a lower cap for each phase, for example 2,500. Each phase will last several days or until the cap of the phase is reached, the next phase will then be automatically re-opened later on a fixed interval. This gives time for the ICO’s to process the incoming traffic.

Phase Airdrop may include a referral reward system. The referral link obtained in the first phase, can be used for all the phases of the same Phase Airdrop. For example, you joined in the 3rd Phase and obtained the referral link, you can then use this link for all the phases that come afterwards.


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