Verified airdrops – avoid the scams

April 27, 2019
Verified airdrops

You’ve probably have seen the terms before, unverified and verified airdrops. What determines if a project gets the dreadful label of unverified? As always, Airdrop Alert is here to create transparency. There should be no secrets in business policies to users and clients.

Unverified giveaways, do you even want them?

unverified airdrops

It’s simple, if a project doesn’t fit our listing policy it gets labeled unverified. The policy is publicly visible for all projects that request airdrop promotion on our platform, so they are aware of the rules of the game.

A few points, to give you a reference point.

  • Limited team info, or team is anonymous.
  • Incomplete details about the project.
  • There is no background info about the cryptocurrency coin/token.
  • False claims of partners, ICO rating websites or Exchanges.
  • Airdrop steps are unclear, for example project is not asking for wallet address for the airdrop.
  • Project website looks unfinished, there are too many broken links on website.
  • Listing on ICO Ethics website.

These are fair rules right?

Even though these start ups are giving away free coins, we believe there’s an increased risk of the project biting the dust. If a whitepaper isn’t available, do you believe the team is capable of delivering a blockchain product? Getting free tokens of projects that don’t even start, is not worth your time and effort.

On top of that, often they ask you to complete a lot of social tasks, which almost makes it a crypto bounty instead of an airdrop.

You won’t believe the type of scams we’ve seen over the past years curating the thousands of tokenized freebies. At one point, we found a project of which all team members were dead. You’re reading that right, all dead! Not all unverified projects are scams.  But my momma always said: “be careful when you’re dealing with people who don’t want to reveal their identity”. A wise woman, some might say.

When you’re a dedicated airdrop hunter, working from home earning crypto, you might want to join all airdrops. However, for the broader crypto audience the unverified airdrops are safer to skip.

Let’s get to the good part, the verified airdrops

verified airdrops

Once the ICO airdrop passes our due diligence they are approved. Even though they are now curated, it doesn’t mean the price of the project will reach crazy heights.

It merely means, the blockchain start up ticks all the right boxes to safely advertise their airdrop.

The safety of our users is highly important to us, especially with the surge of airdrops that require app downloads or KYC. We want you to safely experience the joy of receiving a fresh new token in your wallet that you collected for free. That’s our goal.

Where to find the verified airdrops

Verified airdrop

All the verified giveaways get a green label at the top left of the airdrop pages, as the Swissborg example above. On the contrary, the unverified ones get an orange label.

In our listings we also display when a project completes KYC on our platform. This can be done by uploading their ID to our KYC provider, or they provide us with corporation details and a face-time call. This significantly reduces the odds of a scam.

kyc airdrop

Approved free coins you can claim now

While we have your attention, let’s look at a few verified projects that are live right now.

Airdrops here

1) Aussie digital

The project aims to build and complete an E-commerce Ecosystem that will include a functional E-commere platform, B2B Portal, Cryptocurrency Trading Platform and multiple other services including those powered by blockchain technology. With the competitive edge of blockchain technology and their minimal fees, they expect those using the Aussie Digital platform to revolutionize the way online stores operate. This new way of trading online will allow small retailers to finally compete against the big E-commerce stores.

By using AUDcoins, entrepreneurs and small business owners will open their online store on their Tradezy platform at lower rates. As compared to other platforms, initially they are providing at least 3 times cheaper services to their users. In addition, sellers will also able to utilize AUDcoins to buy different services available at the Aussie Digital platform.

Claim verified AUD airdrop here

2) Belacam

Belacam is a social media site where social interactions carry real economic value. When you post a photo and someone gives it a ‘like’, you receive a micro-transaction of the Bela token. When you ‘like’ someone else’s post, you’re giving them a micro-tip as well. That means about $.025 – $.10 worth of Bela (depending on Bela’s market price) is given from your account to theirs. BELA is listed on CoinMarketCap, and the highest price was ~$ 0.52.

Get your legit Belacam airdrop now

3) NOS

NOS is a non-profit outreach campaign for Nollar powered by the FREE distribution of XNOS. NOS has recruited the world top professionals in payment systems, macroeconomics, and internet technologies in order to increase awareness about instant and feeless stable coins, incentivized by the distribution of XNOS, the decentralized cryptocurrency of the NOS network. XNOS is listed on CoinGecko and being traded at the exchange.

Try some honest free XNOS tokens today.

4) Xena Exchange

The Exchange is focused on providing clients with complete infrastructure to execute financial transactions of any complexity. They offer spot trading section where clients can exchange different cryptocurrencies with each other. Xena also listed Perpetuals section where clients can trade innovative cryptocurrency-settled derivatives

This airdrop is a deposit bonus, meaning they equal the amount you deposit up to $1000 in Bitcoin.

Find out more on the validated Xena


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