Is crypto going up? Collect valuable Airdrops of October

October 30, 2019

Did you catch the latest news on China and Zuckerburg on cryptocurrency and Libra? It could be the reason for the recent price surge of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Can we expect the same for airdrops? If you think the answer is “YES”, then you should have a look at the most valuable airdrops of this month.

List of valuable airdrops of October 2019

1. Ethereum Referal Airdrop

Do you like Ethereum? Here’s your chance to start earning ETH, while you scout the web for the newest and hottest airdrops.

How does it work?

Simply share your Airdrop Alert referral link with your friends and you’ll get € 2 in ETH per verified Pro-Plan sign up.

Find a step-by-step guide on how to earn Ethereum with Airdrop Alert here.

2. SafePost Airdrop

This valuable airdrop is worth 4,500 STAMP tokens and even more if you start referring your friends. Similar to the airdrop above, you get to earn significantly more as soon as you start spreading the word.

Do you need some tips & tricks on how to get your friends to sign up? Read our previous blog on how to optimize your referral strategy.

The SafePost giveaway requires a few social media steps. Check out the video below for a clear guide on how to get your free coins.

3. LiquidApps Airdrops

Over the year we’ve noticed a spike in EOS giveaways, which includes this new valuable airdrop of LiquidApps. Before you head over to this one, make sure you have the proper wallet set up to receive the coins in.

Simply create an account and follow a few steps, including joining their Telegram, to claim your DAPP tokens.

You can find more information and join the crypto airdrop here.

4. OVR Airdrops

Have you ever earned tokens while playing games? With OVR that’s possible today!

Similar to the first airdrop, you’re earnings start when you bring new friends to the OVR app. You can make up to $100 in rewards with a chance to win $15.000 in OVR tokens.

Looking to join this party? Head over to the airdrop page today and start playing.

For your convenience, we also created a short video guide on how to earn with OVR.

5. CoinDeal Airdrop

Another EOS based project is ready to do some airdrops!

You can get 100 CDL tokens for creating a CoinDeal account and completing the KYC process.

If you made it this far, you might as well get these tokens to add to your portfolio! Get your 100 CDL tokens now.

Looking to earn more crypto from home?

Joining the most valuable airdrops is a great way to get started to make money online with cryptocurrency. However, there are several ways you can create extra income right from home.

Besides collecting freebies, there are several tricks you can use to increase your crypto income. Be smart on how you spend your time and you’ll be able to create a steady money stream with airdrops & bounties.

Since there are more airdrops coming on other platforms like Tron, Stellar, Waves and more. Make sure you have all the wallets to collect all the upcoming airdrops.


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