UniFox, the ‘Mastercard of cryptocurrencies,’ launches airdrop and bounty for the FOX token

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A project aiming to be the ‘Mastercard of cryptocurrencies,’ UniFox has invested $7,000,000 into disruptive technologies and products that are ready for marketplace adoption. Ahead of the offering of their security token (FOX), the UniFox team announces a public airdrop and bounty program.


Transferring money abroad can be a daunting task as one deals with banking complexities, wait times, and fees. Sending cryptocurrencies is equally tricky, since values can change mid-transaction.  

A universal solution to this common problem is sorely needed. In this context, UniFox took as its goal the creation of a platform supporting a stable cryptocurrency with high liquidity and low transaction fees. What’s more, this cryptocurrency should be exchangeable for any local currency and usable in shops and stores.



After extensive market research, development, and testing, UniFox has developed a complete cryptocurrency to fiat infrastructure built around a stable coin called Unicash. Secure, liquid, and stable, Unicash is supported by a range of UniFox products including ATMs, POS terminals, online local exchanges, and the UniFox Decentralised exchange.

Unlike stable currencies like Tether (USDT), Unicash is easily and instantly obtained or sold for local fiat currency through UniFox ATMs or online exchanges, all of which operate with minimal transaction fees. International money transfers are immediate and exchangeable for local fiat at their destination. In the retail sector, UniCash may be used at any supported PAX POS terminal. The UniFox network seamlessly manages the transaction and resolves payment to the retailer in fiat.


Enabling limitless, virtually instantaneous transactions, the UniFox worldwide infrastructure solves the problem of liquidity that has been a major obstacle to the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The UniFox ecosystem is ready for roll-out, and the Decentralised exchange is under development.



Airdrop and bounty program

To recognize community members and enthusiasts who share the UniFox vision of a truly global currency, the UniFox team announces an official airdrop and bounty program. $1,250,000 has been allocated for the airdrop, with additional rewards available to those who complete simple tasks like recording a YouTube video about UniFox, or posting about the project to social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.


Website – https://ico.unifox.io

Bounty and Airdrop ann – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4813306

Twitter – https://twitter.com/UniFoxNetwork

Telegram – https://t.me/Unifoxofficial


The Team behind Unifox

From left to right: Lukas Holas (Head of Sales), Jan Turek (Cofounder), Michal Vlasak (CMO), Robert Breadon (NLP coach, advisor), Petr Jakub (sales man), Karol suchanek (Head of IT security), Sergej Kravchenko (strategic management), Dominik Kadane (Business Developer)



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