Twitter Blue: Verify Your PFP NFTs On Twitter

The NFT market had a spectacular bull run in 2021 with trading volume surpassing $25 billion compared to $95 million in 2020. As a major contributor to this growth story, PFP NFT projects became extremely successful in the domain. Every NFT enthusiast who jumped into the crypto-collectibles bandwagon showcased their collection as Twitter PFPs, recently the trend is picking up amongst women too.

However, there was no mechanism to verify if a Twitter account holder actually owned the PFP NFT in their wallet. Anyone could put up a JPEG image and falsely claim to own that particular NFT. In the absence of a robust verification procedure, it became difficult to determine asset provenance and ownership. But not anymore. Twitter users can now connect their crypto wallets and prove NFT ownership through their Twitter Blue accounts. 

Before we tell you how to verify your NFTs, let us first explain the concept of Twitter Blue.  

Unlocking Opportunities With Twitter Blue 

Twitter has rolled out a monthly subscription-based service for its users who are looking for some extra perks from the platform. Those who opt for the subscription model get access to Twitter Blue with premium features to enhance the users’ experience. Although Twitter proposed to launch Twitter Blue in June 2021, it became available only in January 2022. 

Currently Twitter Blue is available for in-app purchase on Android/ iOS/website in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The subscription costs are minimal with some marginal regional variation. Prices of Twitter Blue in the aforementioned countries are as follows:

  • United States: USD 2.99 per month
  • Canada: CAD 3.49 per month
  • Australia: AUD 4.49 per month
  • New Zealand: NZD 4.49 per month

Special features on Twitter Blue include customizing the navigation experience as well as enhanced readability with ad-free and specially-curated articles. Twitterati also gets to preview their tweets for a minute before sending them out apart from undoing published tweets. Users can also bookmark folders and select from a diverse range of exciting themes. 

For crypto enthusiasts, the most exciting feature of Twitter Blue is NFT verification. Let us explain how you can use the social platform to authenticate your PFP NFTs.   

Check out this great promo video by Twitter Blue:

Using The Twitter Blue Hexagon PFP

Twitter Blue-subscribed NFT owners can now proudly showcase their NFTs as a hexagon-shaped profile picture. A hexagon PFP ensures that Twitter has successfully verified your NFT from your crypto wallet. The best way to digitally flex your NFT!

Users are free to choose any of the PFP NFTs from their wallets for setting up the hexagonal profile picture. At the moment, Twitter Blue supports PFP NFT verification from the following wallets: 

  • Argent
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Live
  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet

Verifying PFP NFTs on Twitter Blue is really simple. Let us explain the verification procedure with an example.

Suppose Bob owns a CryptoPunk NFT in his Metamask wallet. Since Metamask is compatible with the new Twitter verification, Bob can connect his wallet with his Twitter account. After linking the wallet, Bob can put up his CryptoPunk as a hexagon PFP NFT on Twitter. But before setting up the profile picture, Twitter generates a verification request message for the Metamask wallet. As soon as Bob confirms the request, Twitter authenticates the CryptoPunk as a hexagonal PFP NFT.  

Be Safe With Your PFP NFTs

Twitter Blue has introduced the NFT verification procedure to reduce the chances of fraud and crypto scams. Proving asset ownership ensures that people like Bob do not make dubious claims on Twitter about owning expensive NFTs. Since NFTs are unique on-chain digital assets, ownership and provenance are crucial characteristics. Twitter Blue’s NFT verification ensures that NFT’s value is preserved and not replaced with duplicating JPEG images.   

However, malicious and ill-intentioned people try every possible way to dupe crypto users. The latest stunt is to forward wallet verification requests from dubious websites and then hack into users’ wallets. Thus, you must always verify the domain name before linking your crypto wallet. You should also remember that Twitter will never ask you to transfer funds for connecting your wallets. If you ever come across such requests, decline them because these are frauds.  

Stay safe, stay alert! For more news and updates about the crypto-world, keep following Airdrop Alert


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