Top ICO Advisors for Blockchain Startups in 2019

Have you ever read an ICO’s white paper? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that there is an “Advisors“ section, usually right next to the “Team“ section. It’s no coincidence. You see, most ICOs are evaluated based on several key attributes such as technical blockchain platform, website, white paper, business solution, and of course, team and advisors.

That is to say, having the right advisors in the team means more credibility in the eyes of potential investors and can be crucial for the success of an ICO. So, what are the tasks of an ICO advisor? So, let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Mentoring and guiding
  • Legal advising
  • Helping with paperwork
  • Assisting with the technical side of the project
  • Network introductions
  • Helping with marketing strategy
  • Investor introductions

Also, keep in mind that these are just some of the roles of an ICO advisor. Their expertise can be broader than the above mentioned. So, now that we have some basic knowledge about ICO advisors, let’s take a look at top ICO advisors for blockchain startups in 2019.

Marco Calicchia – founder and CEO of MaZee Community Management

Founder of MaZee Community Management and an experienced ICO consultant and advisor. Also,Marco has over 10 years of experience in Enterprise Sales and Partnerships for Fortune 100 Companies, and now he is advising Blockchain Startups on building successful marketing strategies to promote their projects.

Simon Cocking – ICO advisor and mentor

Simon has been working as an advisor for numerous successful ICO launches helping them with marketing, media, PR and strategy. He is also a business mentor working with 20+ successful ICOs to date.

David Drake – founder and chairman at LDJ Capital

David Drake is one of the most influential advisors and investors in the cryptocurrency industry. He is a leader in cryptocurrency and his crypto hedge funds support new cryptos and ICOs with seed investments.

Naviin Kapoor – ICO consultant and advisor

Naviin has extensive knowledge of ICO marketing, PR, investment relationships, and technical development. So far he has participated as an ICO advisor in more than 30 ICOs.

Ian Scarffe – blockchain ICO consultant / advisor

Ian is the founder of Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD and a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant. He and his team provide both the outreach to crypto investors and the syndication of press articles, which enables a broader reach and helps create more interest and a buzz around the ICO.

Morten Christensen – blockchain entrepreneur and founder of Airdrop Alert

Morten Christensen is the CEO and founder of Airdrop Alert, which was launched in July 2017 to create awareness within the cryptocurrency community about the existence of airdrops and benefits of airdrops as a marketing tool. He has been involved in crypto since early 2013, with trading, mining and startups and so far, he has worked with over 40 ICO’s from the pre-sale stages.

Final words

The right ICO advisors are an essential part of a successful ICO project. Using their skills and insights, they should actively contribute to a project not only during the ICO, but also after that.

ICO advisors

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