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ThinkCoin Exclusive Airdrop FAQ

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ThinkCoin is doing an airdrop in collaboration with to build a community and distribute the tokens to a wide network.


How does the airdrop work?

You need to follow a few easy steps which includes joining our Telegram & Twitter. Please fill in the submission form provided by AirdropAlert and follow the instructions on the page. Joining our community will keep you updated with all events an progress of ThinkCoin for the Token Sale and Airdrop.

Go directly to airdrop:


Q1: What is a phase airdrop?
Instead of getting an influx of people all at once we try to spread the newcomers over a period of time. This will make it easier for our community managers and admins to communicate with the people interested in ThinkCoin. We will open multiple phases throughout March and April.

Q2: Can I join multiple phases?
No, you will only be eligible for 1 airdrop.

Q3: Can I use my referral code for multiple phases?
Yes, your referral code will work for all phases.

Q4: How many phases will there be?
Undetermined, announcement of final phases will be done by AirdropAlert.

Q5: Will you post a sheet to see if I am registered?

No, we will not post information public. You will receive a copy of your application per email which you can edit if needed. Please make sure all the information is correct.


Q6: Where do I find the airdrop form?

Go to:


Q7: When do I get my tokens?

Token distribution is after Token Sale between May 14th and May 30th  2018. If Token Sale is postponed for any reason, we reserve the right to postpone airdrop distribution.


Q8: How do I set a Telegram username?

Please click on the Menu button in top left of Telegram screen. Select “settings” and set a username.


Q9: How do I retweet?

Click the arrow square button under the tweet, it’s the 2nd button from the left.


Q10: Which wallet supports ERC20 tokens?

Compatible Wallets are:

  • MyEtherWallet
  • MetaMask
  • Mist
  • Parity
  • imToken


ThinkCoin and AirdropAlert are not responsible for any wallet choice you make. Please do your own research about wallets. The wallets suggested are merely examples of ERC20 compatible wallets.

DO NOT use an exchange wallet.


Q11: I get the error “Not Joined Telegram Group”

Please join the Telegram group of ThinkCoin. If you are in make sure your username is spelled correctly in the form. Check Q5 to see how to set your username.


Q12: I get the error “Not following on Twitter”

Please follow on Twitter. If you are a follower make sure your username is spelled correctly.

Airdropalertcom is the username in this example.


Q13: Do I need to have ETH in my wallet?

No, you do not need to have ETH or tokens in your wallet to be eligible for the airdrop.


Q14: Do I need to stay subscriber of AirdropAlert?

Yes, if you unsubscribe before airdrop distribution you will not be qualified for the ThinkCoin airdrop.


Q15: Do I need to stay in Telegram group of ThinkCoin?

Yes, to be eligible for airdrop you need to be a member of the community until airdrop distribution.


Q16) Do I get a confirmation?

A confirmation email for this airdrop has been sent, due to high traffic it could have a delay of maximum 1 day.

Please check other folders if you did not receive it. Gmail occasionally sends it to your “promotions” category, while outlook sends it to “spam”. Please check all folders & categories for your confirmation email.


Q17: How does the referral system work?

When you friend uses your unique referral link to join the airdrop, you get 1 $ in TCO tokens. Please check out the dashboard here:


Q18: How do I get a referral link?

After complete the form each registrants gets a unique referral link on the confirmation page and in the confirmation email.


Q19) How many TCO do I get for the airdrop?

For joining the airdrop you receive 6.50 $ in TCO tokens.


Q20) How much do I get per referral?

Per referral you earn 1 $ in TCO tokens.


For daily updates about Airdrops, make sure to follow us on AirdropAlert Telegram, AirdropAlert Facebook & AirdropAlert Twitter.





AirdropAlert The world's first crypto airdrop platform. Here to alert you of new verified Airdrops & important crypto updates. Never miss a free crypto airdrop again with!

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