The Latest Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Airdrops Are Here

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is growing at a steady pace with the network peaking at 12 million transactions per day. As the value locked in BSC surpassed $21.96 billion, BSC Airdrops started to rise significantly. With more ETH projects moving to BSC, these airdrops are a wonderful way to get introduced into the BSC ecosystem. 

But before you start earning free cryptos, you first need to have a BSC wallet. The process is very easy as is outlined in this video. If you are using MetaMask, then select ‘Settings’, click on ‘Add Network’ and enter the BSC details and save it. However, you can also use other wallets like Arkane, Safepal, Math Wallet, etc.  

Now that you know how to set up your BSC Wallet, it is time to get some free cryptos. 

The Latest BSC Airdrops

Following is a list of some of the best BSC Airdrops where you can earn tens and hundreds of dollars:


CEEK is a DeFi platform for streaming virtual events through its patented VR Headset. It brings artists, creators and sports personalities closer to their fans and creates a transparent entertainment economy. 

CEEK is organizing a Raffle where 10 lucky participants will get 10,000 $CEEK tokens each. Winners also stand a chance to win 1 CEEK VR Headset and 2 CEEK 4D Headphones. For more details on this BSC Airdrop, click here and follow the steps to participate.  

Quantum Moon

Quantum Moon is a deflationary token that is designed for hedging. Apart from a 3% deflation rate, token holders will be entitled to static rewards and lotteries. The platform’s Launchpad will focus on meme currencies presales and develop the first Charity Validator to make donation funds transparent.    

Quantum Moon will give away 500,000,000,000 $QMM tokens to 5,000 lucky participants. The BSC Airdrop rewards will be distributed 2 weeks after its public sale starting on 6th August 2021. For more information, visit our page.    


JoshuSun is a meme coin based on the “wandering ninja pup” with a total supply of 100 million tokens. The token will help you earn static rewards in BNB worth 15% of each transaction. 

JoshuSun is airdropping 5 million $SUN tokens in 3 instalments. Out of the 5 million tokens, 2.5 million will be distributed in the first round, 1.5 million in the second round and 1 million in the third round. Follow the steps given on our page to participate in this BSC Airdrop.   

CURES Token 

CURES use blockchain technology to offer decentralized health services across the globe. They aim to give more power to all the stakeholders of the industry while making the process more transparent. 

The $CURE token airdrop is worth approximately $30. A total of 300,000 tokens is up for grabs for each of the 300 lucky winners! You can also get an additional $5 for every successful referral. Check out our page for more information on the BSC Airdrop. 

BSC-based NFT Airdrops

NFTs are a big thing on BSC due to the low transaction fees and faster block finality. Check out the NFT BSC Airdrops below:


BNBPuppies are a set of 12,000 algorithmically generated puppies that follows the ERC-721 standards. You can not only collect these NFTs but also play games and earn from winning them.

In the first Airdrop, BNBPuppies gave away 1,500 puppies for free. This time, you can get 8 NFT Puppies at the price of 4. Thus, you get 4 NFTs absolutely free. Isn’t it brilliant? Click here to know more about this BSC Airdrop.   


PancakeSwap is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges built on BSC with $8.2 billion locked into the protocol. Users can engage in hassle-free trading and earn cryptos by yielding, staking and participating in lotteries.

The first 8,888 users who created a profile on PancakeSwap will get a limited edition 3D animated NFT. Additionally, if you were one of the first 1,900 people to create a profile, you will also get a “Hiccup” NFT. For more details about this BSC Airdrop, click here. However, this one filled up quickly, so if you’re reading it now it’s too late.


CryptoBlades is a blockchain-based game powered by the SKILL token. First, you need to get hold of some SKILL tokens to kickstart the game. After that, you can earn more tokens by winning against your enemies and transacting custom-made NFT characters or weapons. You can also stake your gains to earn more rewards. 

CryptoBlades has already paid out $1,200,000 in rewards. Each day 7,900 players get rewarded just by playing and staking. If you want to know more about this BSC Airdrop, click here

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in and start earning free cryptos from these BSC Airdrops. For more updates, keep following Airdrop Alerts! 

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