The easiest way to buy Bitcoins today

May 31, 2019

With over 30 million bitcoin wallet addresses we conclude that the digital coin is going mainstream. Now with the btc price currently rising, we get the question from our users: ‘what is the easiest way to buy bitcoin?”

As exciting as this is you’d expect it to be easy to get some of these digital coins, right? Sadly, that’s not quite the case yet.

At Airdrop Alert we’re mostly focused on how to get free btc or how to earn cryptocurrency. However, if you’re looking to invest in btc continue to read more.

Existing Ways of Buying BTC

In a previous blog we discussed several different ways to get your hands on some bitcoins, including;

  • Peer 2 peer
  • Bitcoin brokers
  • Exchanges
  • ATM’s

Plus we explained how each option has different payment methods, like cash, bank wire or Paypal.

Why it’s so hard to buy bitcoin

easiest way to buy bitcoin

If you’re scratching your head while wondering the above, we know how you feel. Bitcoin was supposed to be instant, free, and more importantly for everyone.

It kind of started out like this but somewhere along the way, something changed. Bitcoin promised to change the way money works, a value shared between people. Yet the whales have swooped in and regulated the whole thing yet again.

The ideology behind bitcoin is that you don’t need a central authority, yet the easiest and common ways to get bitcoin is still through a middleman.

Paxful– The Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin

paxful easy buy btc

Unlike the bigger exchanges in the USA, Europe or Asia, where you have to complete KYC and wait for hours, days or even weeks before you are verified. Paxful actually is pretty easy and does not even require KYC in most transactions.

Try the buy bitcoin page to see all the offers that are available. 

Step 1:

As displayed above, you will need to fill three boxes

  1. The amount,
  2. Which currency
  3. For the preferred method of payment.

One of the big advantages of Paxful is the number of payment options. The 2nd largest P2P bitcoin marketplace offers 300 different ways to trade btc.

This includes most obvious ones–like bank transfer, debit and credit cards to more obscure methods like Amazon Gift Cards.

You can buy btc with any of these methods easily without much effort or know-how.

Buy your first bitcoin with Paxful

Step 2:

Once you have selected your preferred payment method to buy your bitcoin with, you’ll be re-directed to an offers page where you’ll find all the offers for that method of payment.

Step 3:

Select the offer you like and simply click on it. Then you’ll be directed to the seller’s page where there will be instructions on how to make a trade.

Follow the instructions and voila! you have your bitcoins directly into your account

After you purchased your first btc, don’t forget to safely store it in your bitcoin wallet.

Buying bitcoin is really simple with Paxful. It takes away all the stress of your first buy, sell, transaction and more.

Lean how to make your first bitcoin transaction


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