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Highlights AirdropAlert

  • Up to $99 from Top Airdrops
  • Beginner’s guide for Verge Coin (XVG)
  • Founder & CEO now also an advisor at Antler VC
  • Solve Care tokens available and tradeable

Top 5 Airdrops

cresio airdrop

Cresio Round 4 (CRES)

2304 CRES tokens ~ $24 USD

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SaTT airdrop


2000 SaTT tokens ~ $8 USD

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Fortem capital airdrop

Fortem Capital (FCQ)

FCQ tokens ~ $50 USD

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Plasmapay airdrop

PlasmaPay (PBK)

250 PBK tokens ~ $5 USD

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icofy airdrop


1200 ICY tokens ~ $12 USD

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Featured Stories Newsletter

lolli platform

Can you earn Bitcoin whilst spending money shopping online?

Yes! Via a cash-back mechanism introduced by Lolli.

Read more..

blockchain immutable

Blockchain is known for its immutability property.

Immutable implies not susceptible to change, but can an unconfirmed transaction be cancelled?

Read more..

verge xvg

This article introduces the Verge Coin (XVG) project.

Verge coin stands for anonymous cryptocurrency while the transactions costs are low.

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iost wallet

Did you participate in the IOST airdrops?

If you did, you have probably learned that you need an IOST wallet for IOST tokens. An ETH wallet will not do.

Read more..

Bounty of the Week

The SymVerse Bounty Campaign is managed by Symcoin.

SymVerse is a public, peer to peer blockchain platform.

symverse bounty
  • Bounty Budget: 130k SYM Tokens
  • 1 SYM = TBA
  • Bounty duration: July 1st – July 15th

Go to SymVerse Bounty

News Updates Best Airdrops

antler co

We’re proud to announce that our Founder & CEO Morten Christensen has been assigned the role of Advisor at Antler.

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solve care

Did Solve Care Airdrop or Bounty? You can now withdraw your tokens and trade them on Litebit or Kucoin.

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This is the AirdropAlert Newsletter 2019 Week 27.

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