12 months ago 0 2764
Ontology is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). It helps businesses to move their systems to the blockchain. What’s more, the ...
1 year ago 0 2391
Steemit is a blockchain based social media platform that rewards you for creating, publishing and curating content. Anyone ...
1 year ago 0 1484
Stratis was founded in 2016, with headquarters in the United Kingdom. In June 2016, the company launched one ...
1 year ago 0 2813
Is NEO the “Ethereum of China”? That’s a question you’ve probably already heard somewhere. We already know that ...
1 year ago 0 1696
ICO’s are no strangers to blockchain solutions for the house rental space. We’ve seen airdrops like Crowdvilla provide ...
1 year ago 0 2314
Hello dear cryptoholics. If you rambled on for dozen of articles about blockchain and they scared the bejeezus out ...
1 year ago 0 1977
After Facebook, Nasdaq and ABN Amro announced their plans to explore blockchain technology, we now see another big ...
1 year ago 0 3572
EOS is one the most popular cryptocurrencies, even called the ”Ethereum killer” by many. Take a look at ...
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