Bittorrent trading competition on Huobi

Bittorrent is working it! After they announced a monthly airdrop until 2025, we see multiple marketing campaigns surrounding the Bittorrent token. After the first...
Morten Christensen
2 min read

Price bumps 25% after Bittorrent airdrop

After the Bittorrent public sale sold out in minutes, Justin Sun caused quite a hype when announcing the Bittorrent airdrop. The crypto giveaways will...
Morten Christensen
1 min read

Is this the real reason behind the BitTorrent airdrop?

As their official Medium page states, after adding millions of BitTorrent (BTT) users to their ecosystem, TRON (TRX) will be able to conquer the...
Iuliia Sukhomlinova
2 min read