SwissBorg Reaches 50,000 Downloads and 1 Million Bitcoin Predictions

Recently, SwissBorg announced that its Community app reached 50,000 downloads and one million bitcoin predictions. But before going into the details, let’s find out more about the platform.

SwissBorg is a blockchain startup headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and with offices in Toronto, London, and Tokyo.

The company created a blockchain-based wealth management ecosystem that puts your wealth back in your hands. The platform is backed by CHSB token, which you can buy on exchanges such as KuCoin, HitBTC, LIVECOIN, and IDEX.

In January 2018 SwissBorg held its ICO, which became a success. In fact, within the first four hours of  ICO, the company reached five million CHF soft cap goal.

And just one day ahead of the final date of the ICO, SwissBorg reached the hard cap of  50,000,000 CHF. Token sale ended on January 18, 2018.

The company is creating blockchain-based products that are user-friendly, fast, and secure. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Community app –  over 50,000 Downloads and 1 Million Bitcoin Predictions

In a nutshell, the Community app is a game that lets you predict the price of bitcoin and earn at the same time. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Recently, the SwissBorg team added some cool new features to the Community app such as new interactive graphs that help users to improve their forecast. Moreover, the platform’s Machine Learning algorithm called the CyBorg Predictor has been improved and beats 99.8% of the players.

The community app  became quite popular in the crypto community. In fact, SwissBorg announced that the app reached more than 50,000 downloads and a million bitcoin predictions.

Wealth app – access your portfolio in just a few clicks

Wealth app is a wealth management platform that offers users various and automatically re-balanced portfolios. With the app, you can access investment products at the best market rates in just a few clicks.

At the moment, the Wealth app isn’t available on iOS and Android devices, however, there is some good news coming from SwissBorg. According to the company, the first phase of testing the Wealth app on iOS and Android devices has begun.

What’s more, the first tests of the Wealth app’s multi-node Order Execution Management System (OEMS), the financial engine, are finished.

Now, the SwissBorg OEMS can perform best executions while successfully taking into consideration all four of the top crypto exchanges.

It’s time to start predicting bitcoin price

Now is the perfect time to join the SwissBorg’s 50,000 players and start predicting bitcoin price.

Check out the SwissBorg airdrop with a total prize pool of $500,000 which will be paid in bitcoin. With the airdrop, you can earn bitcoin by predicting, completing challenges and referring friends.



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