Swiss Alps Mining & Energy: Explore Decentralized Energy Freedom with Platform as a Service

June 4, 2018


In 2008, when an anonymous entity identified as Satoshi Nakamoto released a paper titled: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, no one envisaged the sweeping distributed revolution that would take place as a result. Almost a decade later, Bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain, has become the foundation for thousands of disruptive innovations. Interestingly, many are unaware that Satoshi’s paper never mentioned the word ‘Blockchain.’ Those who assume blockchain and Bitcoin are synonymous underestimate the potential of the technology. An mountain located company, with requisite technical know-how, Swiss Alps Mining & Energy (SAE), is actively working on numerous projects to effectively harness the potential of blockchain technology.

Like they say, energy makes the world go around. Of course, energy is the reason you can read this. Energy is also the reason blockchains mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain systems utilizing the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm consume enormous amount of energy and providing solutions to the problem of energy supply and management is what the Swiss Alps project has set out to do. What better location to set up mining rigs that have natural cooling and surrounded by high end tech facilities?

Now, everything is not all rosy: blockchain functions only through computational power which requires energy for mining. This means the blockchain is dependent on energy controlled by electricity price and supply. Other attendant issues include environmental concerns such as noise emissions and heat waste generated from the intensive mining process without cooling conditions.

In solving these global mining issues, SAE, a Swiss Alps mining and energy’s operating business that has team members drawn from special and expert fields, have found a way to use the distributed ledger system of the blockchain to be part of the next generation of green energy suppliers. Unused ancient huts are being transformed into new frontiers in the battle against electricity energy waste. A combination of traditional mountain heritage and high-tech environments will give you SAE green energy efficient mining.

Considering the peculiar needs of the blockchain mining industry, Swiss Alps will offer these solutions as Platform as a Service to give customers decentralized freedom. SAM PaaS technology stacks are chosen according to individual customers’ needs and preferences. As a start, about 5-10 hand-picked blockchain frameworks will be made available on the SAM PaaS platform and can be set up within minutes. One particular framework to expect is that SAE has developed for the KYC-AML (know your customer; anti-money laundering) solution, needed for blockchain-based electricity distribution.

SAM, the SAE token, launched this year, is an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be tradable both in and out of the SAM platform. Funds generated from the ICO will be used in purchasing hydropower plants and installation of several mining facilities to guarantee financial stability. It provides a decentralized blockchain infrastructure by means of a sophisticated modular cube system called SAE Cubes. The cubes allow one to build and implement pre-fabricated dust-protected mining components on site. Also, with the help of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system, energy consumption will decrease drastically by using the heat waste generated from mining to recover energy. Since the cubes are located at high altitude, the boiling point of water is reduced, plus no need for an additional air conditioning system. The cubes are specifically built to support cutting-edge automation, therefore require little maintenance.

As the move towards industry 4.0 accelerates, SAE would provide the mining electricity it needs through operations of Hydropower Plants using renewable energy only.  Being a global solution, industries, individuals and corporations can buy or rent these facilities which can be installed anywhere in the world. SAM Centre are available in each alpine area where SAE Cubes will be operating, also providing on-call services online.

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