Swiss Alps: A sophisticated modular cube system allows us to build and implement prefabricated dust-protected mining components on-site

Ideal natural temperature conditions enable easy cooling of the mining facilities, which leads to a reduction of energy consumption of up to 30% in comparison to comparable installations. The flexible and modular mining cubes provide cutting-edge automation and require little maintenance. The individual cubes communicate with the central management platform, which in turn monitors the cubes and assigns to each cube the optimal parameter in order to maximize mining for maximum profit.

SAE will rent out entire cubes or individual mining capacities from the SAM Cubes — while at the same time guaranteeing highly energy efficient and cost competitive mining. SAE will also give competitors and/or individual persons the possibility to rent mining facilities, and the power needed can be paid in SAM tokens

SAE potential

Switzerland, a safe country with high environmental standards set in place, is growing into the center of blockchain technology. Due to a good and cheap supply of renewable energy, Switzerland is a very attractive location for mining facilities as profitable mining is possible. Market acceptance of crypto currencies and blockchain technology is steadily increasing. Mining farms are rapidly growing, and renewable energies are gaining ground. Renewable energy can be sold abroad and enjoys high market acceptance. Thanks to the steady growth in the use of blockchain technology worldwide, energy consumption for mining will continue to increase. This provides interesting opportunities for providers of mining facilities and for power producers.




Swiss Alps airdrop phase 1 reached 10k people in the first 12 hours. The Airdrop Campaign for the SAM tokens of Swiss Alps has therefore been extended, allowing for more applications. Go to the Airdrop now and get your free SAM Tokens!


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