Swachhcoin: The Decentralized Waste Management Ecosystem Aiming to Smash the Garbage Mafia

As we move further into the 21st century we are starting to realise that our old ways of doing things are simply not producing the results required of them.

Modernization comes at a cost – that being the 2 billion tonnes of waste our global society produces each year. And so far, all it is doing is collecting in landfill sites; largely unsorted and uncategorized – lacking the potential for recycling and adding to the destruction of the environment.

But under the plans of innovative waste management firms like Swachhcoin, this could all be changing in the very near future. Swachhcoin uses blockchain technology, incentivization and a combination of smart digital processes to autonomously sort, categorize and recycle waste efficiently, while rewarding responsible citizens for their efforts with SWACHH tokens.

Smashing the Garbage Mafia

Waste management firms have been a favourite enterprise of Mafioso’s and gangsters for as long as they’ve existed. It provides an inconspicuous and regular front for their more illicit businesses, while also making them money from the garbage industry itself.

In Rome, Italy, the Mafia have often threatened to close down the city by not collecting their waste pickups, and have become very adept at holding the city to ransom.

While most waste firms are thankfully not run by gangsters, their outdated business practices make them almost as dangerous. The global build-up of excessive waste each year is not being helped by inefficient logging systems, poor communication and lack of autonomy; and the physical tools we have belong in the previous century.

Smart Approach

This is where Swachhcoin could make the difference. They utilize the big four modern technologies of our time: Big Data, AI, IoT and blockchain, to build a cohesive network which can handle the demands of 21st century waste management. Swachhcoin uses smart bins (the SWBIN) which can recognise and record the type of waste it receives, while at the same time rewarding the person who deposited it for their responsible behaviour. The bins have LED screens which can act as an advertising and information space, while the waste collected from the bins can be recycled into 20 different types of output. Their network benefits from a range of smart tools, like decentralized data logging (SWATA), adaptively intelligent automated systems (SWATEL); support for Internet of Things connectivity (SWIOT); and runs from a smart contract automated decentralized application (SWAPP).

Swachhcoin is run by a non-profit organization, combined of young upcoming techies and seasoned pros. Their approach is to democratize the waste management process, and spread the responsibility around average citizens, and making it profitable to dispose of waste correctly.

Given the kind of global sanitation initiatives under way in many parts of the world, Swachhcoin could be the kind of inventive concept which facilitates these clean-ups. In particular, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Campaign) could especially benefit from the decentralized organization of smart tech like Swachhcoin.

Either way, the old guard of the waste industry have their days numbered. It will be up to innovators like Swachhcoin to lead us into a cleaner future.

Swachhcoin recently conducted a massive airdrop for 30K members. Its has gained a wide following among investors and trader which is evident from its social media following. You can still join the Swachhcoin Airdrop!

Swachhcoin’s Presale will begin from 1st June 3:30 PM UTC. Presale Hardcap being only 1 Million USD is expected to get sold out within first hour.

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