Stratis: a Beginner-Friendly Guide

May 1, 2019



Stratis was founded in 2016, with headquarters in the United Kingdom. In June 2016, the company launched one of the first successful ICOs, raising 1,000 BTC.

How it all started?

At first, Stratis was one of many blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) projects, and its main focus was on enterprise logistics and enabling developers to easily create their own private blockchain.

Over the next two years, the company started to expand its services, and by the end of 2018, it became a blockchain development network and a rival to other blockchain-based platforms such as Ethereum and NEO.

Ethereum vs Stratis: what’s the difference?

Stratis has one very important advantage over Ethereum. Ethereum uses programming language Solidity, which not many developers are familiar with. Stratis uses C# and Microsoft’s .NET framework, which is more familiar to the develovers. Also, C# can achieve the same blockchain architecture as Solidity. In addition, in October 2018 Stratis announced that they had become a Microsoft Silver partner.

The STRAT coin

The platform has a native coin: STRAT, and it uses Proof-of-Stake as its consesus mechanism. That means that you don’t need expensive hardware to mine the coin.

STRAT is a utility token and its primary purpose is to serve as a gas for the network, or for paying network transactions. With STRAT coin you can trade on several crypto exchange such as Binance, Changelly, Bittrex and Poloniex.


Blockchain platform for other companies

Stratis has a built-in platform for developing chains. This means that companies can use Stratis’s development tools in C# to build their own chains, without wasting resources or hiring new blockchain developers.

Consultancy services: understanding how to build on top of the Stratis Platform

The company offers consultations through Stratis Academy, which provides guidance for organizations and developers on how they can build on top of the Stratis Platform. According to their website, the “Stratis blockchain consultants take your business requirements and define the scope of the blockchain solution.“

ICO platform

Since the company had a successful ICO, they developed an ICO platform where they help businesses with launching their own ICO. The platform offers different packages for different organizations, and even an entry-level package that facilitates launching an ICO for free.

Final words

Stratis had great success with launching its ICO, as well as with recent listing in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Although the price of the STRAT coin dropped during the crypto winter, the company still remains a valuable blockchain project with ambitious plans for the future.

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