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Exclusive Airdrop Shivom by

We are proud to publish our blog to inform our readers about the Exclusive Airdrop Shivom (OmiX) and guide you through the process of applying for it. 12$ worth of OmiX tokens will be distributed. Optionally, you can refer friends for a higher reward, each referral yielding 4$ worth of OmiX tokens.

Before showing how to apply for the airdrop, let’s talk about Shivom.

Shivom’s Goals

Currently project Shivom is in the processing of creating a Precision Medicine Ecosystem, which comprises the secure sequence and storage of people’s genome. Their goal is to collect statistically significant amount of genomic data to create a platform which provides ancestry data, personal health insight and data for research. Shivom is seeking partnerships across multiple industries to establish a fully integrated, open, shareable and scalable ecosystem. One partnership has already been confirmed between Shivom and GTG Labs — a NASDAQ listed company.

So why is blockchain necessary?

The well informed readers on the Blockchain technology already know the advantages. Traditionally, data in the cloud is stored in central servers. This type of storage is inherent with vulnerabilities which the blockchain is not affected by. Storing patient/donor information in a secure way where the donor maintains ownership is what Shivom is aiming for, to realize this, the blockchain technology will be put to good use. By using blokchain data storage, the information is decentralized, encrypted and thus protected from data breaches and permissionless access.

TEDx Talk by Co-Founder Dr. Sally Eaves

To learn further on how Genomics and Blockchain come together, watch this TEDx talk by co-founder Dr. Sally Eaves

Exclusive Airdrop Shivom: Claiming your OmiX tokens!

For the Exclusive Airdrop Shivom, you will need the following:

  • Telegram account
  • Twitter profile
  • Reddit account
  • ETH Address (From an ERC-20 compliant wallet)

Go to the airdrop form, fulfill the tasks and enter your e-mail address, usernames and ETH address. The video below shows the complete process of applying for the airdrop.

Read this blog now

It is important that you enter all the information correctly, if you are not sure where to find your Telegram/Twitter username, read our other guide on how to obtain your usernames:

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Exclusive Airdrop Shivom by

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