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24 Billion selfies were uploaded to Google last year, a total of 13.7 Petabytes. In 1900, the debut of the portable Kodak Brownie box camera led to the first self-portraits, which is basically a selfie. The concept of selfies really took off with the introduction of the front facing camera on smart phones in 2003 by Sony Ericsson.

 With the growth of social media users over the years the concept of selfies has exploded. This brings us to the new era of augmented reality. Augmented reality shifts the paradigm of our understanding of social networks. It will drastically change how humans interact with their smart devices.

Introducing Selfie GO
Selfie GO is a social network that uses gamification, AR technology and its own cryptocurrency to help people find friends in just a couple of steps.

Selfie GO offers an innovative view on interactions within social networks. One of the main goals of Selfie GO is to help users make new acquaintances and find friends. To this end, Selfie GO uses AR and gamification, encouraging users to share photos, participate in weekly tournaments and create their own content. Geolocation and augmented reality make it possible to create a more valuable and engaging news feed, based not only on personal connections and interests but also on surrounding events.

The blockchain project includes an entire business-oriented environment based on cryptocurrency. Selfie GO will provide its own marketplace and token transfer system, as well as an internal targeted advertising platform that will allow users to place advertising and native materials on special augmented reality geo objects located in social gathering places such as local attractions, shopping malls, schools, universities, and more.

Every active Selfie GO user earns SGO tokens that can be transferred to their crypto-wallet. Thirty percent (30%) of Selfie GO advertising revenue is used to buy tokens back from exchanges and distribute them to active network users on a daily basis. You can also get tokens by purchasing them at the Auction in exchange for “likes” awarded to Selfies, or buy them on the external exchange. The social network will spend 10% of the total revenue on buying tokens back from exchanges and subsequently burning them.

Selfie GO is the next step in the evolution of blockchain-using social networks. It extends the frontiers of the crypto-world, making it accessible to the public at large.

What does this mean for the user?
Can you imagine you can earn money by taken selfies? By getting rewarded for activity in SGO tokens and the “buy back” system implemented by Selfie GO, this is now a reality.

Imagine you are holiday in Rome and you get a notification by Selfie Go that there is a Selfie battle in the Vatican or the Colosseum. Would you rush there to take a selfie and upload it in the app to get likes and earn tokens?

Instagram travelers and influencers
Companies spend Billions on marketing through Instagram influencers. To become an IG influencer, you need approx. 10k followers. To gain such a number of followers requires consistent quality work. Your photos have to be unique but still appeal to the masses. Your stories have to be personal and interaction with your followers is important to keep them engaged.

This has caught the attention of many Instagram users who travel the world and try to attract a following. A few Instagram travel couples make up to $ 9000 per uploaded picture while travelling.

With Selfie GO it will not only be the elite social influencers who will be able to earn money with their pictures. Anyone can earn SGO tokens by being an active user on the platform.

The exact ICO dates will be announced on the website and social networks of the project. The ICO is divided into four stages. The next ICO stage happens as soon as all the tokens from previous stage are sold.

Final Note
Over the last 8 years I have travelled to more than 60 countries worldwide. Selfie Go would have been a perfect app to explore a new city and earn tokens while I do it. The concept of augmented reality seems like something in the far future, but with games like Pokemon Go and Draconious Go we have already seen Millions of users excited about it. I am looking forward to the start of Selfie GO’s ICO and will be one of the early users of the app.

M. Christensen – Founder

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