Sappy Seals: The Next Premium PFP NFTs

December 29, 2021
Sappy Seals NFT

The NFT fever is still raging strong as the year comes to a close. A big part of this booming market has been the massive success of NFT PFPs. In fact, some of the highest valued NFTs are now the premium PFP collections such as BAYC and Crypto Punks. We have been covering this trend for some time now and it’s hard not to notice the most unique collections. On that note, Sappy Seals is one collection of top-tier NFT PFPs that we can’t stop wheezing in excitement about, coming in not far behind the dominant NFT PFPs like BAYC and Crypto Punks. 

The Sappy Seals

So what’s all the rage about Sappy Seals and what are they exactly?

As the name suggests, Sappy Seals is a seal-themed NFT PFP, each with its own unique set of traits. The project launched the Sappy Seals collection of 10,000 Seals in August 2021, which, due to its massive demand, sold out in just 10 minutes.

So far, the highest sale recorded of a Sappy Seal was around 6.9ETH, or US$27,600 at the time of writing, while the average price for a Seal NFT averages around 0.34ETH. The currency floor price of the Seals rests close to 0.314 ETH or approximately $1250 with a total trade volume of 3.9K ETH, which is quite impressive. What makes Seals an attractive buy to a lot of people is their relatively cheaper cost when compared to other quality PFP NFTs and their potential to one day sit among the top-tier NFT collections.

The Sappy Seals are also giving back a percentage of the total sales revenue as donations to ocean cleanup projects in a bid to bring added sustainability to our ecosystem. The proactive support for marine ecosystems is thus an essential part of the Seal’s future roadmap. 

At present, Sappy Seals have around 4400 owners and an extended community of enthusiasts. As with several other NFT communities, the Sappy Seals crowd is as vibrant as it is diverse. 

Airdrop Alert’s Sappy Seal NFT

The Arfing Community

In one of our previous articles, we looked into how Discord is turning into the platform of choice for NFT communities. Unsurprisingly, the Sappy Seals too have their most active space on Discord. The Discord server, with its almost 10,000 members is currently one of the most engaging Discord NFT communities out there. On the service, you can check out the Seals marketplace, chat with the community, play mini-games, and do much more, which makes the community more hooking. 

The Seals community is also active on Twitter. If you’ve come across Sappy Seals tweets, you must have run into the peculiar act of ‘Arfing,’ which is actually mimicking the sound made by real seals. The community uses Arfing as a way to greet each other and show their excitement and join in on a collective arf. 

The phenomenal growth of this community is only about to get bigger as the Sappy Seals enter the metaverse, which will be supported by the DeFi platform PIXL. If you are unsure of how PIXL comes into play, let us break it down for you. 

PIXL, Staking, and the Sappy Seal’s Metaverse.

PIXL is a project hosted on the BNB Smart Chain that is bringing the world of advertising to the metaverse and the $PIXL token is the base-layer token for The Pixelverse — a cross-community metaverse for gaming, earning, and meeting people. 

It is its own deep rabbit hole that we aim to explore in an upcoming article. For now, all you need to know is that Sappy Seals is using the platform to expand into the metaverse. Since PIXL is cross-platform, Sappy Seals will be sharing space with Winter Bears, 2px, and other exciting metaverse projects. The possibilities of such a crossover metaverse are still unexplored and the prospects seem exciting. 

One feature that needs your attention is how you can stake Sappy Seals to earn $PIXL tokens. What is peculiar to Sappy Seal Staking is that PIXL provides rarity-based returns, meaning you will generate a return upon staking a Sappy Seal based on how rare your NFT is. Currently, it’s possible to generate about .033 $PIXL per minute as there are 6000 blocks mined per day.

Sappy Seals P2E Game

A logical next step to the Sappy Seal metaverse expansion is the upcoming game. The game is still under development and will adopt a play-to-earn model allowing users to use NFT leveraged virtual products in-game. The alpha build of the game is currently available to play on the Sappy Seals website. 

Should You Buy a Sappy Seal?

Being fairly priced, yet being in the A-list of NFT PFPs, Sappy Seals are considered a good investment. With the strong community support and all the coming inroads into the metaverse, the seals are definitely a sought-after collection. You can even use the current price correction to your advantage to buy into the Seals. At the same time, you should not take this as financial advice. NFTs come with significant volatility and other price risks. Make sure to do thorough research before making your investments into NFT. The NFT hype is likely to carry forward into the New Year and Sappy Seals may grow rapidly.

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