SafePost: a blockchain powered email & storage platform for the new era makes an IEO

March 14, 2020

More than $200 billion: that’s the worth of the market to make emails exchanged by 3.5 billion active users safe every year.

Despite these sophisticated spam filters, we still receive SPAM, while some messages are mistakenly classified as junk emails.

We will never see them because they are not visible in our inbox and we will miss lots of opportunities.We also receive phishing emails, that have a goal of stealing our identities, secrets, and money. Ultimately, phishing emails can lead to complete loss of control over your computer and data.

The FBI has documented 166,349 domestic and international complaints of fraudulent email victims between June 2016 and July 2019, representing a loss of more than $ 26.2 billion.

BARRACUDA, email-security solution company, published a study revealing some astonishing facts about phishing emails. For instance, the fact that 

  • 47% of attacks are from a Gmail account,
  • A phishing email out of 10 manages to convince its recipient to click on the link that is proposed to him. This percentage triples when the email usurps the identity of the head of Human Resources or the IT department,
  • In the last 12 months, the average amount lost as a result of a spear-phishing attack was $ 270,000,
  • A recent email scam did cost $ 29 million to a media conglomerate.

Meet SafePost: for a new era free of spam and fraudulent emails

What it would be like to wake up in the morning, check out your inbox and see no spam, scammer emails, and no phishing attempts waiting for you to click?

Sound too good to be true?

Not so fast. Let me introduce you to SafePost.

SafePost is an email platform that enables encryption of exchanged messages and documents, without the involvement of a third party.

The platform is based on top open source technology, which allows encrypting and decrypting, as well as ensuring the origin of messages. With SafePost users only receive messages from contacts on their contact list.

This means that you can set free your inbox from hackers, spam, and all types of fraudulent emails. Moreover, you don’t have to install various email programs. A browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, is all you need.

SafePost doesn’t have a storage limit which means that you can safekeep an unlimited number of emails and documents within the platform. And if the server go down, or become a target of a hacking attack, SafePost will back up your data, so you can access them.

Around 40,000 users have registered since October 15th, 2019. Below you can see a chart showing the evolution of active SafePost users (in millions):

The value of blockchain

SafePost leverages the power of blockchain technology to encrypt and decrypt messages on the platform thanks to a patented energy-efficient system whose it is the owner. What’s more, blockchain guarantees that its algorithms are safe and have back doors.

And thanks to blockchain and its use of private keys, only you and the contacts to which you sent an email or a document can read them. This leaves no space for third parties to decrypt and read the content of your messages and documents.

Before transmitting to SafePost servers, the content of messages and documents is encrypted and hashed.

Token economics

SafePost has its native token called STAMP that is an ERC20 token. Its smart contract is built on top of the Ethereum protocol. The total supply of “STAMP” tokens is 100,000,000,000 tokens, while its hard cap is 472,500€.

SafePost guarantees a minimum value of  €0.001 / STAMP  for using its services. If the value of the STAMP goes higher than 0.001 EUR on the exchange, users will need fewer STAMP tokens to pay for SafePost services. 
In other words, the more SafePost users there are, the rarer the STAMP token will be and the higher it should be on the exchange.

When it comes to using the token, STAMP can be utilized for services such as sending messages via SafePost as well as for token transfers between ERC-compatible wallets.

SafePost announced an IEO

The company announced its IEO, which will start on March 16th, and end on April 19th. The IEO will be held on the the P2PB2B launchpad.

SafePost also has a great bounty program for its users, that you should definitely check out. For example, every person joining the platform get 100 STAMP as a welcome present.

If you invite your friends to join SafePost, you’ll be rewarded with 100 STAMP per contact joining. And if you decide to go a step further and share the URL of SafePost on social networks, you’ll be rewarded with 500 STAMPS.

How to get involved?

If you want to acquire SafePost tokens, you can do that either through the bounty program or by directly purchasing the tokens.

The information about its bounty program can be found on SafePost’s official website. If you decide to buy tokens, you can do that directly on the official website, with a Visa or Mastercard, or on the P2Pb2B crypto exchange.

On the exchange, you can also find all the necessary information about participating in the IEO.

What’s next for SafePost?

According to SafePost’s roadmap, the next steps include publishing a user-friendly app for Android and Apple devices that will be available to users on Google Play in March and on App Store in April 2020. 

But SafePost won’t stop there. Next steps are SafePost® premium accounts with KYC process in May, patent extension application in June, SafePost program software for macOS and Windows computers in September 2020, ISO 9001 and 27001  certifications in December 2020, secured agenda in March 2021, secured chat in June 2021, Digital Safe in September 2021, secured voice conversations in March 2022.


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