The Rally App: earn tokens for doing what you normally do

February 5, 2019

Hello, dear cryptonians!

Have you already heard about social media of a new type?


With these latest media platforms, fairly common activity, such as shares, likes, reads, comments, views, retweets, reposts etc can earn you tokens.

Today we’ll take a closer look at one of those platforms, Rally, a mobile app built on the Ethereum blockchain.

If you’re interested in gamification elements or honest advertisement and want to get rid of giant social media that sell your personal data to highest bidders, please, read on.

Honest advertisement? Is it even possible?

With Rally, the answer to this question is really transparent.

From the very beginning, the team explains to you that their network is the network beneficial for both, users and advertisers.

With shares, likes and comments you recognize the publications you find valuable, and earn tokens for that.

Advertisers, for their part, benefit from the fact that many people recommend their content to their subscribers and followers.

In comparison to giant social networks that never ask you if you want your private data to be sold, with Rally, you actually can choose among advertisers voluntarily and even get rewards.

“The first iterations of our project date back to 2012 while trying to solve the digital coupon problem, and has evolved to what today is the Rally Platform. While our original plan did not include a coin/token, it did have a “loyalty point” tracked centrally on our servers. The greater public adoption of cryptocurrency caused us to change this loyalty point to a token, known as the Rally Coin” (Stephen Gerhardt, President Rally Inc)

Sounds good. How can I start?

Go and install Rally on your iPhone or Android, create an account, verify your email address and phone number, access the settings tab as well, and sync your other socials with the app.

Would you like to start earning tokens like now?

Click on Contests on the side menu and get familiar with the projects that need you to either read their article, or share it with your community, or leave a comment under it.

The interface for one of the campaigns will look somewhat like this on the right.

You see, every time you either read their story or share it with your subscribers, the figure in the top right corner increases.

Now it says 760 because the author of this review has already earned the points by syncing with multiple socials, clicking on the articles and completing the sign-up process.

What about Rally Token? Is it liquid?

According to the official Rally’s Telegram channel, the token is not yet listed on exchanges.

Yet, the team will consider engaging with exchanges as soon as the project reaches 50K users.

Based on the fact the project has reached the figure of 26K active users over the short period of three months, the process of listing is likely to start in the near future.

Note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 1500 Rally. You can withdraw your Rally to your ERC-20 Ethereum wallet by accessing the withdrawal tab on your app.

Yet, the team says, they intend to migrate to a native network in 2020 with a decentralized mining protocol not controlled by those with the most computing power or capital.

Token name Rally Token

Token symbol RALLY

Total supply 5, 000, 000, 000

Technical specification ERC-20

1 RALLY = 0.05 USD

Rally token airdrop

If you followed all the airdrop steps, you’d already earned some tokens.

Still want more? No problem!

Share your referral link with friends to earn additional 300 RALLY tokens for every referral who completes the registration process and a percentage of the reward for anyone your friend refers.

The referral link you will find in your app.

Final thoughts

As Mr Gerhardt notes, “those outside of this community frequently expect early stage products to be on par with Line, Facebook, WeChat, etc. which have many years of post-launch existence, with billions on development spent.”

Yet, the Rally app is still under development, and their airdrop is not only the way to promote the product but also collect valuable feedback from the crypto community.

So feel free to get tokens for doing what you would normally do on any other social platform and don’t forget to comment on their Telegram channel about possible improvements!


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