Quixxi Connect to utilize Blockchain solving the Mt Gox problem

September 11, 2018


Introduction to Quixxi Connect

Leaving your cryptocurrencies on exchanges imposes huge risks, approximately $1.7B US dollars have been stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges, proving that leaving your funds on an exchange is not secure enough.

One can argue that the barrier for mass adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum is the complexity of keeping your private keys safe. About 20% of all Bitcoin have been estimated to be unusable due to private key owners losing their.. private keys.

Quixxi, an Australian start-up, introduces a solution to this problem. By providing a simple but secure crypto payment and storage system, with Quixxi Connect customers can use their e-mail address as a way to store and transfer cryptocurrency, all the while the private keys are hidden by sharding and decentralisation.

Blockchain use case

Blockchain may be defined as an autonomous cryptic ledger, Quixxi utilizes the blockchain to store the private key in encrypted shards, decentralizing them to provide reliable security.

Quixxi Connect’s solutions

Using your e-mail client, as a customer of Quixxi you can access your funds and transfer them. This means that with the password of your e-mail client, your funds are accessible. This is why additional forms of authentication to your e-mail clients are not only recommended by Quixxi, but strongly encouraged. In particular the 2-Factor Authentication.

Quixxi Connect ICO

For Quixxi Connect’s crypto payment solution to be implemented, the creation of decentralised network and commercialization of their solutions require funding. Currently Quixxi is in the pre-sale stage, where investors receive a bonus 30% on top of their contributions, without a minimum. The hard-cap is set at $30M USD and the soft-cap at $3M USD, where 2,000 QXE tokens are valued approximately 1 ETH.

Proof of Concept

Quixxi Connect already offers a demo of their proof of concept: Crypto Commerce. To use the demo,  visit the Telegram group (https://t.me/quixxi) and ask for the code to get assess to the demo: https://demo.quixxiconnect.com

Quixxi Airdrop

Quixxi is Airdropping in total 1 million QXE tokens! The Quixxi Airdrop is scheduled to commence on September 24th. Go to the Quixxi Airdrop on their homepage and click on ”Join Airdrop”. Enter your e-mail address to register and when the Airdrop starts on September 24th, you will receive an e-mail with the next steps.

Quixxi Connect Social Media Links

Medium – https://www.medium.com/@QuixxiConnect/

Telegram – https://t.me/quixxi

Twitter – https://twitter.com/quixxiconnect/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/quixxiconnect/

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