Quarteria Exclusive Airdrop, beginner’s guide for your crypto airdrop

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Quarteria (XQT) Exclusive Airdrop by AirdropAlert.com

We are proud to publish our blog to inform our readers about the Quarteria (XQT) Exclusive Airdrop and guide you through the process of applying for it. Quarteris is airdropping 50 XQT tokens worth $6 for supporting on social media and extra 8.3 tokens worth $1 for each friend that you refer!


Quarteria is about real estate on blockchain, providing an international decentralized listing service. Here, people will be able to list residential or commercial properties for sale, lease, or for auction. Anyone in the world will be able to browse the listing service and view properties valued in real-time fiat and cryptocurrencies




Exclusive Airdrop Quarteria:

Claiming your XQT tokens!

For the Exclusive Airdrop Quarteria, you will need the following:

Go to the airdrop form, fulfill the tasks and enter your e-mail address, usernames and NEO address. The video below shows the complete process of applying for the airdrop.

The video also shows where to obtain the usernames, it is important that these are correct. If you need further help with figuring out the usernames, have a look at our detailed blog on how to obtain the usernames 

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