NYC NFT Highlights: Here’s What You Missed

Hundreds gathered at the fourth annual NYC NFT. It was a blast despite the bear markets. New York hosted several spectacular events from June 20 to 23 as a part of this event. And among other things, these reflected the sheer diversity and culture of the budding global NFT ecosystem. 

The program was, as many say, the Super Bowl of NFTs where the enthusiasm of Web3 developers, creators, and entrepreneurs was clear as daylight. Some participants even found the event comparable to Woodstock of 1969. All this is to say that the vibe for crypto folks was amazing, partying and learning about NFTs. So for those who missed out on the real fun, here are some highlights of the best moments of NYC NFT. 

God Hates NFTs

To kick off the biggest NFT events of the year, some people felt the need to protest against it. Apparently, God is not a fan of NFTs and there was a crowd there to voice God’s opinion on the matter.

This didn’t kill the good vibes of visitors, and actually turned into a meme on Twitter.

Parties! Parties! Parties!

The NYC NFT was full of parties—in-event parties, side-event parties; you name it and one PFP NFT project or another hosted something. 

BAYC stole the show, as usual, taking over Chelsea Piers in Manhattan for the ApeFest. Celebs like Amy Schumer, Lil Baby, Future, and Timbaland were present at this event. But the best part was the finale with a concert featuring Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg. Eminem even released his new single track at the ApeFest. 

Sappy Seals and Lazy Lions also received the limelight by hosting rave parties. Sappy rocked the rooftop at Harbor NYC, the most happening rooftop lounge in New York City. The Lazy Lion’s Roar party was a similar hit filled with dynamic personalities and community members from NFT Twitter. 

CryptoPunks’ New Lead

The ApeFest was Yuga’s star appeal, no doubt. But that wasn’t the only alpha it dropped at NYC NFT. It also announced that Noah Davis will lead the CryptoPunks project from now on. 

The NFT community knows Davis well enough. He is famous for his work at Christie’s, the historic auction house that’s super bullish on NFTs. Davis featured prominently in Beeple’s record-breaking NFT auction of $69 million. And in 2021, overall, Christie’s raked in $150 million by selling NFTs under Davis’ leadership.

Doodles 2 is Coming Soon

Doodlers had an exciting surprise waiting for them at the NYC NFT. Doodles 2 is upcoming, with a unique collection of over 10,000 NFTs, wearables, avatars, and more. This new collection won’t run on Ethereum. Doodles is now working with a budding blockchain, whose name it will reveal soon.

That’s not all. Pharrell Williams is joining as Doodle’s Head of Brand. He will bring his expertise to curate the project’s approach to music, artwork, consumer products, animation, and events. 

Cool Cats Good Vibes

BAYC wasn’t the only project throwing cool parties at NYC NFT. Cool Cats was there as well, hosting the first-ever Cooltopia. Its interactive and gamified theme park experience was a delight for the community. 

The immersive journey sought to inspire, educate, and entertain guests before they actually played the digital game. It featured various Cool Cats and Cool Pets. Plus it involved several Cooltopia locations: air, water, fire, and grass. 

A Blockbuster Hit – That’s What NYC NFT Was

The NYC NFT was a major success—it’s quite impossible to stress this point enough. ApeFest grabbed the most eyeballs but others fared no less. From launch events to rave parties, there was something for everyone. The event bred and nurtured enthusiasm for the future of NFTs. And the most exciting thing was how people defied the bear market to connect and enjoy themselves.

It’s indeed a miss for those who couldn’t be at these venues. Particularly for those who didn’t get the news at all, it’s a shame. If you are among the lot that stayed home, never mind though. Airdrop Alert is here to bring you the latest updates and happenings so that you never miss a beat. So follow us to be the first to receive alpha.

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