Nonconformist Ducks: To Hell and Beyond

April 26, 2022

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the new normal. From Twitter to Instagram, every social media site you visit has people with NFT PFPs all around. The hype is so much that 2021 saw a tremendous $2.5 billion worth of NFT sales along with platforms standing at multi-billion dollar valuations. 

Even 2022 had a great start with certain NFT collections breaking records and wallets. One of the collections that made a lot of noise in the NFT market is Nonconformist Ducks

The project is generating immense enthusiasm with its amazing duck faces and can soon become the next BAYC or CryptoPunks. The Nonconformist Ducks community has in fact already taken OpenSea by storm with record-breaking sales and volume. 

So, without further ado, let’s deep dive into the project and explore the alpha.

Nonconformist Ducks: What are They?

Nonconformist Ducks is an NFT PFP project on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of 10,000 unique characters with cosmetic elements in random combinations. 

As Nonconformists, you can also access NFT Worlds to transact and stake $WRLD tokens for rewards. Naturally, NoncoDucks has grown so immensely that its floor price now stands at 0.054 ETH, with a total of 2000 owners. Moreover, its trading volume is about 293 ETH in April 2022. 

The project calls its unique reward system Duckwards, where it returns 2.5% of secondary sales to Duck NFT holders. Nonconformists simply need to engage with the community and promote the brand to get rewarded under Duckwards. But of course, rewards aren’t the only way for you to earn via NoncoDucks. 

That’s where NFT Worlds enters the scene. Duck NFT holders can earn by renting, racing, and betting their ducks in this metaverse. You can also fight P2P battles in the Duck-O-Drome Colosseum arena using your NoncoDucks. All this and more are coming soon. 

Hell Ducks: The Second Collection

The Nonconformist Ducks team is now working on another collection, Hell Ducks. This collection will have four categories. First, there’s Dark Royalty and it has the rarest NFTs like the king, queen, and prince of darkness. Second, there’s Sinners’ Collection which has ten one-to-one paired rare NFTs. Third, there’s a set of 694 Horse Ducks of Apocalypse which can fight battles at the Colosseum. Fourth, and finally, there are six rare Hell Duck NFTs. 

The Hell Ducks collection has all the benefits of NoncoDucks’ first collection but it also has a lot more. For example, owning a Hell Duck will ensure free access to all of the project’s events and a special island in the metaverse. 

Moving Forward with a Strong Community

Nonconformist Ducks PFP NFTs are awesome, no doubt. But all this is simply because of its super supportive community. More than four thousand people own the NoncoDucks NFTs. The community also has over fifty-three thousand members on Discord. And thanks to them, the project has charted promising figures on Opensea.

NoncoDucks has launched all of its existing collections on Opensea. Now, the team is working to provide better utilities and stronger incentives for its expanding community. For example, they have already bought some land in Sandbox. The goal here is to take the P2P game to its next level. 

Duckwards is also becoming better by the day. You might soon get rewarded with exclusive and upcoming EGGS NFTs. These will be super rare and valuable. And when everything else is getting better, can the integration with NFT Worlds lag behind? 

Of course not, duh. More staking and farming opportunities are coming soon, as are possible giveaways and airdrops. NoncoDucks is in for the long-term haul and when good things are on the card, you know where to find the news and stay updated. 

So stay alert and keep following AirdropAlert. We have enough alpha for you to survive in this space, more deep dives coming soon including MoonBirds.

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