New PFP NFTs: These NFTs are Creating Ripples In Crypto

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have grown steadily throughout 2021 with the trading volume surpassing $25 billion from just $95 million in 2020. The PFP NFT niche contributed to this fantastic growth of the NFT market, with Collins declaring NFTs as 2021 Word of the Year. PFP NFTs have continued to help the NFT sector grow in 2022 with monthly NFT sales reaching an all-time high of $6 billion in January. With each passing day, PFP NFTs are making new records across the Asian, European, and American markets. 

Keeping with the trend, NFT enthusiasts are coming across new PFP NFTs for their Twitter Blue and other social media accounts. In this article, we will tell you about some of the new PFP NFTs that are creating ripples across the market. 

Hape Beast (aka Hape Prime)

Hape Prime consists of 8192 unique, 3D digital collectibles uniting the Ape multiverse. London-based Digimental is the designer and founder of Hape Beast where digital apes wear fashionable clothes from Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and the likes.  Each of these new PFP NFTs comes with a different facial expression, headgear, background, spectacles and various other traits. Although Digimental first launched the project in August 2021, minting the NFTs began in January 2022. They have a very active social media presence with over 300K followers on Twitter and 460K members on Discord.   

  • Highest Sale Price: $299K (HAPE #217)
  • Floor Price: 2.1 ETH 
  • Total Number of Holders: 5,807 
  • Total Sales Volume: $2.69 million 


Azuki is a set of 10K PFP NFTs based on the Anime design. These community-centric avatars give exclusive access to ‘The Garden’ where token holders can come together for collaborative art and culture projects. Azuki aims to blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds with its elaborate roadmap. The platform has plans to launch a metaverse as well as digital gaming features along with exclusive merchandise drops and in-person events. Chiru Labs, the startup that established Azuki takes a 5% royalty from each NFT sale.  

  • Highest Sale Price: $596K (Azuki #4666)
  • Floor Price: 10.3 ETH 
  • Total Number of Holders: 5,482
  • Total Sales Volume: $13.64 million 

Zipcy’s SuperNormal

Zipcy’s SuperNormal consists of 8,888 new PFP NFTs with a random combination of 1,000 unique traits residing on the Ethereum blockchain. Consisting of six different styles across diverse identities and emotional expressions, each SuperNormal is different from the other. NFT holders will gain access to Zipcy’s Metaverse owning an exclusive space on Decentraland. Moreover, Zipcy (the artist) will airdrop 8,888 Han Yak to the existing SuperNormal holders. Season 2 is coming soon with its own fashion game and a bolder, avant-garde collection of 20K exclusive mints. The project also has plans for exclusive merchandise drops and collaborations with artists and content creators. 

  • Highest Sale Price: $102K (ZIPS #1115) 
  • Floor Price: 0.67 ETH 
  • Total Number of Holders: 4,723
  • Total Sales Volume: $838K  

Capsule House 

Capsule House is a set of 10K digital Japanese gachapon capsule toys, existing as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These new PFP NFTs come in 120 variations along with innumerable permutations of unique and rare traits. The collection consists of Yokai (Tier 1), Posthumans (Tier 2), Demihumans (Tier 3), and Humans (Tier 4).  Capsule House NFT owners will be able to access airdrops and future developments in the ‘CapsuleVerse’. 

  • Highest Sale Price: $127.5K (03371) 
  • Floor Price: 1.19 ETH 
  • Total Number of Holders: 3,790 
  • Total Sales Volume: $1.18 million  

Be safe with your new PFP NFTs. Always do a thorough background check and verify the details before purchasing your new PFP NFT. For more news and updates about the crypto world, keep following Airdrop Alerts! 

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