New AirdropAlert dashboard release!

Dear Airdrop lovers,

In our One year anniversary blog , July 27th, we announced our upcoming dashboard for the first time. Our team has been working on it for ages and I’m ashamed to admit the date we started building it. At the time we had 3 developers working on it, which we increased to 5 past June to speed up the process (Most ICO’s we investigate don’t even have 5 devs).  The new developers also brought new ideas. This quickly snowballed in a bigger project than we initially intended to have. By the time we were almost ready for release, we ran into issues with our legacy code. I won’t bore you with the details, but it set us a few steps back. This led to the decision to first release a simple MPV version to our users. This way you can get used to the new dashboard, give us feedback and give us more time to work on the more cool stuff we will be adding over the next weeks & months. Please help us test the alpha version of the dashboard, before we do a full release to all users.


The Alpha release

The first feature is a profile. This might look simple at first. But if you connect your socials in your profile it will be auto filled in the exclusive airdrops you join. This will improve the user experience and will avoid user errors with the input of your social names. Nearly 30% of people who are ineligible have misspelled their usernames in our airdrop forms. We do not want you to miss any airdrops by a simple typo. Now, the usernames will be automatically filled in as your socials are auto-linked, see the picture below:



Don’t forget to enter you Ethereum address so you can check it as your “main wallet” when you visit  your dashboard wallet.

That brings us to the dashboard wallet. You can see your Ethereum balance and token balance with a simple click. You can add more wallets which you can save in your dashboard for a quick and convenient way to check if you have received your airdrops. You need to have an Ethereum Wallet first.


What do our users find most important on our website? Airdrops of course! We changed the layout of the airdrop display to tiles. This allows you to get a sneak peak of info from the airdrop page and the star rating. This way you can quickly see if a project will catch your interest or not. If an airdrop excites you we added a quick share button of your favorite social media’s to quickly alert your friends about the airdrop.



We noticed that one of our most popular pages is the balance page of referrals. We understand that people who are eagerly referring their friends to our referral airdrops want to check their referral balance quickly and efficiently.  You can now check all of your referral balances with one click. The email that is connected to your profile will display all the exclusive airdrops you joined, the referral count and referral code in one simple overview.



Last but definitely not least is our customer support system. We have always put customer support as one of our main focus points and we want to increase the speed and efficiency we can communicate with you. That’s why we have implemented a ticket system. This will enable you to ask a quick question and by selecting the right topic we can get back to you in a timely manner.


With the release of the dashboard we hope to improve the user experience when collecting airdrops. We have added some features which will make this process easier and will leave less room for errors when filling in exclusive airdrop forms.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for new features! We will start releasing new features in the next weeks & months of 2018. If you believe we missed an important change to improve your experience, please open a support ticket and let us know.

Want to test it? Log in the Dashboard now.


Morten Christensen, CEO AirdropAlert BV

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