Monfters Club: NFTs, SocialFi And Metaverse

NFTs are seen as the future of asset ownership and purchasing them is a vote of confidence in the growth of Web 3.0. In 2021, NFT sales surpassed $40 billion as they exploded in popularity and usage. Since then, its use cases have only soared across blockchain gaming, social media platforms like Twitter (who recently introduced NFT profiles), and fundraising efforts. Or Facebook that rebranded to Meta to capture the Metaverse future. The latest NFT project that is generating enthusiasm and hype is Monfters Club NFTs which is pegged to be the BAYC of Asia! Their NFT community is eagerly waiting for its upcoming NFT marketplace and more. 

Monfters Club NFT: Genesis NFTs of The MonfterVerse

Monfters Club is an NFT PFP project on the Ethereum blockchain. It is DAO-driven and consists of a collection of 8,000 unique limited avatars with different combinations of cosmetic elements. The goal is to eventually evolve the whitelist club into an open platform where various projects can participate.

Its floor price is at 0.099 ETH, has a total of 4,100 owners, and a traded volume of about 3,800 ETH as of March 2022.

Monfters was formerly QunQun, an incentive-based community blockchain project from 2018. QunQun pivoted to Monfter and the team behind QunQun is said to have developed Monfters too. However, the Monfters Club team remains un-doxed but their users speculate that they are based out of Singapore. Which fits the narrative of rising Asian projects that we are following.

According to the project’s roadmap, Monfter will develop a brand-new decentralized NFT trading platform by Q2 of 2022 to make NFT trading more accessible. Other novel features include connecting the Web 3.0 NFT issuance, a whitelist club. and trading with Web 2.0 social media platforms and online communities seamlessly.

This will help boost trading and liquidity in NFTs by making them available to community platforms in a simplified manner. Thus, Monfters will be an infrastructure channel between NFTs and community platforms. The platform aims to have a multi-chain deployment between Ethereum, BSC, and other Layer 2 chains.

Monfters Club NFT

MonftersClub Set To Foray Into The SocialFi Arena

Social Finance, or SocialFi, is the combined result of social networking and blockchain finance. Unlike the social media in Web 2.0, SocialFi gives additional privacy and security to users who earn income from various online activities such as content creation, participation in DAO governance, NFT minting, communicating with other users, watching entertainment and gaming.

Currently, Monfters Club is a SocialFi community-driven NFT trading platform that allows users to put their personal NFT assets on display, and follow other users. Monster NFTs allow users to have a unique presence in the metaverse. Club members also get exclusive access to the Monfter NFTs social network pass.

As a socialized NFT trading platform, users can connect, explore, follow, and share trading orders for a real-time, exciting experience.

The Monfters Token and MonfterVerse

Monfters Club recently airdropped its $MON token, which now sits at a market cap is $3,248,529. The renowned auditing firm Certik has audited the project’s token.

There are several use cases for $MON tokens as Monfters Club plans to launch Monfter NFT Social Network Pass Access. Users will be able to use their token can be used for voting, accessing features, and building third-party dApps. The token is traded on Uniswap & OKEx exchange.

In the final phase of the project, Monfters will turn into a full-fledged metaverse called ‘MonLand. Within this ecosystem, users will be able to interact socially and trade NFTs in a whole new way!

Recently they announced all owners have full CC0 rights to their NFTs, which is a hot topic in the space right now.

You can find the collection on Opensea right here.

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