Leading ICO Marketing Agencies

Launching an ICO today isn’t as simple as it was back in 2017. The token economy is growing and evolving on a daily basis, and creating buzz around your ICO isn’t an easy task. So, what do you need to stand out among the other blockchain startups? The answer is a result-driven marketing campaign done by professionals.

To help you with that, we picked 5 leading ICO marketing agencies. Let’s take a look at them.

Amazix – helping startups to attract more investor attention

ICO marketing agency

According to its website, Amazix helped around 120 cryptocurrency startups raise over a combined $1.3 billion. The company is based in Hong Kong, and it puts focus on community management. Some of their clients include GoChain, Babb, and AID: Tech.

MaZee – building communities on blockchain

ICO marketing agency

MaZee is a marketing agency that puts emphasis on community management, and you’re probably aware that community management is a pillar of ICO marketing. In order to increase community engagement and trust for their clients, MaZee runs successful airdrop and bounty campaigns. Among the successful projects the company has run are ThinkCoin, Shivom, ReMoneta, etc.

ICOBox – one of the most experienced ICO marketing providers


ICOBox is one of the most well known ICO marketing agencies. According to their website, they managed to raise over $400 million for 80 clients so far. One of the company’s main advantages is that it provides not just marketing but also legal, development, and design services. On their client list, you can find startups such as Crypterium, Saifu, and INS.World.

Priority Token – raise your funds legally

ICO marketing agency

Priority Token is a UK-based marketing agency focusing on STOs and ICOs. Also, the company claims that they have raised over $200 million for 50 clients including Faceter, Playkey, and Bitrewards.

Belkin Marketing – custom digital marketing solutions

ICO marketing agency

Based in California, Belkin Marketing offers a range of ICO services such as PR, community management, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. According to its website, the company has raised funds for more than 90 projects, in the amount of $220 million. Some of their clients include Etherecash, Healthureum, and Neurogress.


ICO marketing has a crucial role when it comes to the success of your ICO. So, when picking an ICO marketing agency, make sure that agency will become your business partner and do its best to ensure your success. And if you want to get a great deal with any of the agencies listed above, feel free to contact us.

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