How Much Time Does it Take to Collect Airdrops?

May 5, 2019


So, you’ve heard about the airdrops, the new buzzword in the crypto community, and you have decided to try it out. After doing some research, you found a couple of airdrops that look promising, and you’ve joined them. Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of free crypto coins.

But first, let’s take a look back.

How did airdrops changed through time?

At the beginning of 2017, airdrops were still not a well-known concept, and they were mostly promoted on Bitcoin forums, such as Bitcointalk and Reddit. Some already established crypto coins were distributing airdrops, but they didn’t require almost any engagement from the participant’s side. Usually, it was just following on Twitter and joining a Telegram channel.

Collect airdrops

Some didn’t even require that. For example, OmiseGo didn’t ask people to sign up for their crypto airdrop; they simply airdropped coins to Ethereum holders.

However, times have changed, and with them airdrops have too. Nowadays, people can work from home and earn by collecting verified and profitable airdrops. Plus, airdrop distribution became a growth marketing tool that helps blockchain/crypto startups to build a large social media following and get exposure. Believe us, airdrops can build large crypto communities. In 2018, we were building communities of 50K users in as short as five days for our previous clients.

What do you have to do to join an airdrop in 2019?

Today, to participate in an airdrop and make some extra money, you’ll have to put in some effort. To join an airdrop, you can be asked to do different types of tasks, and some include:

  • Invite your friends to join the airdrop
  • Simple social media tasks such as joining their Telegram channel, reposting on Twitter, etc.
  • Watch and like YouTube videos
  • Create and publish blog posts
  • Create videos to promote the airdrop

Also, keep in mind that some airdrops have a list of countries restricted from participating, and often, you must go through KYC compliance.

How much time does it take to collect airdrops?

It depends. You’ll have to wait for the end of the ICO and Token Sale. It can take anything from a couple of days, weeks, a month, or even two months. After that, you can either sell these tokens and collect more Bitcoin/Ethereum, or you can hold them in case of a price surge.

To join them however, only takes a few minutes.

Collect airdrops

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