How BRD Got More than 50,000 App Downloads and 40,000 New Followers with One Airdrop Campaign


BRD is the company behind the simple and user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet, that allows its users to easily store and buy bitcoins, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.


When the BDR team added new features to their wallet and decided to release an app, they knew that the project would need a strong and active community to back it up.

However, finding the right audience for this type of project can be daunting, since people tend to be very selective when it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency wallet. 

The BDR team was aware of this, but also knew that their wallet support for ERC-20 tokens would be appealing to airdrop enthusiasts.

That’s when they reached out to Airdrop Alert.


We scheduled conference call with the BRD marketing team to see how we could help. 

The team told us that their main goal was to increase app downloads, but also grow their Twitter and Telegram communities by increasing the number of followers.

Here at Airdrop Alert, we know that a well-done airdrop campaign can do both, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

In collaboration with the BRD team, we decided to divide the campaign into four phases.

First, we ran several social media, email, and content marketing campaigns. As always, our goal wasn’t to raise hype, but to educate users about a project or product.

Then, we created a viral referral program where users wouldn’t get a flat referral reward for bringing a friend, but instead, the referral would reward the entire pool of BRD airdrop users.

This way, we managed to motivate the community to refer friends; plus, everyone benefited from the referral—a win-win situation.

BRD airdrop

Also, we tried to create a feeling of scarcity within the community by limiting the amount of participants per round and pushing messages such as, “Last spots for Airdrop round 2.”

Creating a sense of urgency encouraged participants to take action faster.


After running a four-week campaign, we helped the BRD team achieve their goals of promoting new wallet features and growing their community.

  • Within four weeks of the campaign, BRD got its first 50,000 downloads from the app store, and;
  • BRD’s social media accounts exploded, with more than 40,000 new followers within a few weeks.

“ provided BRD with two crucial pieces to our very successful airdrop campaign,” said Spencer Chen, VP of Global Marketing at BRD (formerly Breadwallet). “Morten and the entire team provided us with massive reach to the right audience and with a flexible platform to run the exact airdrop campaign that we needed.”

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