How This Airdrop Hunter Gets The Best Airdrops without Effort

September 25, 2019


Background of an airdrop hunter

Luigi is a Switzerland-based cryptocurrency enthusiast and airdrop hunter. He started his crypto journey in 2018, when the bull market was in full run. Not wanting to risk it with crypto trading, Luigi decided to explore other, more secure and affordable ways to earn crypto coins.

‘I like the concept of cryptocurrencies and I was eager to jump on the bandwagon. When doing the research about the topic, however, I discovered that the crypto market can be highly volatile and risky. So, I decided to look for safe and beginner-friendly ways of getting involved with cryptocurrencies.’

Around that time he ran into the Airdrop Alert website, the first airdrop aggregator, where users can find new and upcoming airdrops.

Luigi loved the idea immediately. Getting free tokens in exchange for completing small tasks seemed perfect at the time. Airdrops looked ideally to the beginner making his first steps in the cryptosphere.

Soon, participating in airdrops distribution became a regular, almost daily activity. Luigi would do tasks like joining a Telegram group, following startups on social media, retweeting, and in exchange, ERC20 tokens would come rolling into his wallet.


Despite that Luigi loved to participate in airdrop giveaways, soon he noticed that a lot of his time was spent on finding the worthy airdrops and doing the related tasks.

‘Airdrops are time-consuming’, said Luigi. ‘I want to reduce the time I’m spending on finding profitable airdrops. This way, I can concentrate on my business while at the same time I can earn some extra income from airdrops.’

The community of airdrop hunters has been complaining about the same things as Luigi for a while. 

Tasks can take up a lot of time to complete. Almost every airdrop campaign requires KYC, which means that airdrop hunters have to leave their data all over the Internet.

And in some cases, after completing tasks, they wouldn’t even receive the promised tokens.

The community needed a better way to get airdrops. So, the Airdrop Alert team decided to roll up their sleeves and find the solution.


Airdrop Alert decided to create a Pro-Plan that will allow users to receive airdrops automatically, by paying a small fee. 

Every month, users automatically get a minimum of four airdrops from well-known companies in their wallets, but without all the work users usually have to do to get tokens. And Luigi was one of the first subscribers to the Pilot Trial:

‘I don’t mind paying a small fee if I can save time and still get the best airdrops. My investment is already paying off and I received airdrops from projects like OmiseGo, Solve Care and BAT. In the future I will upgrade to the top package.’


So far, Luigi and the other users of Pro-Plan receive four or more airdrops every month from projects such as OmiseGo, Sandblock, BAT, Tron Classic, FAN token, Carry token, etc.

Plus, there are other tokens from well-known projects waiting in the line to be distributed. The members of the airdrop community now can get airdrops automatically and effortlessly.

And what about you? Are you ready to become a pro airdrop hunter and receive profitable airdrops without any effort?

Join the Pro-Plan today



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