Hottest airdrops you don’t want to miss

Which are the hottest airdrops of May 2019? With the hundreds of crypto airdrops available, it’s difficult to track which free tokens you don’t want to miss.

Not every free airdrop that you find, are from verified projects. So how do you know which free tokens are worth your time?

Here’s an overview of hot airdrops that are currently available.

List of hottest airdrops of May 2019

Never miss a free crypto airdrop again
Never miss a free crypto airdrop again

1. Xena exchange – Up to $1000 in BTC

The Exchange Airdrop value goes up to$1,000 worth of Bitcoin. It’s actually more like a deposit bonus, as users receive BTC after they make their first deposit. When you deposit $25, you receive an additional $25. This goes up all the way to $1000, which is why we find it one of the hottest airdrops of airdrop.

Claim your Xena airdrop today.

2. mHealthcoin – 1400 free MHEC tokens

The MHEC giveaway is worth up to 1400 MHEC tokens (~$ 14). In addition, you can share your referral link to earn 100 MHECtokens (~$ 1) for every referral on top of the hot airdrop.

You first want to finish the mandatory tasks to get the first 600 MHEC . After that you can earn 500 MHEC tokens with some extra jobs. Complete it all to get a total of 1400 free tokens.

Try the free crypto airdrop of MHEC.

3. Stellar – One of the hottest airdrops in history

When talking about the hot airdrops, we can’t leave out Stellar.

In partnership with, you can get up to $50 in XLM coins. Taking in consideration that Stellar has been a top 10 cryptocurrency for a few years. This is a pretty amazing oppertunity these two giants in the blockchain industry are offering you.

Get your free XLM now.

4. Bluebelt – Another exchange airdrop for free crypto

The concept of tokenized freebies has caught on at crypto exchanges. Not only do they promote new platform listings, with airdrop events. They’re also not shy to give away a few airdropped coins them self. Especially the exchanges in Asia are fond of this marketing strategy.

The Singapore crypto exchange donates 30 BBXC tokens (~$ 27) to join their crypto airdrops. To make extra money you can share your referral link to earn 20 BBXC tokens (~$ 18) per referral.

Join the exchange airdrop.

Want to earn more crypto from home?

Joining the hot airdrops is a great way to get started to make money online with cryptocurrency. However, there are several ways you can create extra income right from home.

Make sure to read our previous pieces on earning ethereum and bitcoin from the comfort of your own couch.

Besides claiming airdrops, there are several tricks you can use to increase your airdrop income. Be smart on how you spend your time and you’ll be able to create a steady money stream with airdrops & bounties.


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