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This guide is brought to you by Team AirdropAlert where we explain how the airdrop of Yoo-Mi works. Below you will find an explanation but also a GIF at the bottom, showing the process.

Yoo-Mi is powered by infi’s psychologically-driven AI, which employs sentiment analysis which enables machines to understand emotion and predict behavior. With this, the product Yoo-Mi can imitate human behavior to give the customer personalized insights and guidance.

To start with claiming your airdrop tokens, visit the the website Yoo-Mi by clicking here. Register using your name, e-mail address & ETH address. You will then be redirected to the platform, where you can perform all kinds of social media tasks which will reward you of ‘’entries’’. The airdrop will be active untill April hte 7th 2018. Once it is over, 1.25% of the total investment gathered will be distributed to everyone in possession of the entries. This is done by dividing the number of the amount of your entries with the total number of awarded entries. This means that you will receive tokens just by signin up, but will receive many more tokens if you perform the tasks mentioned on the platform.

The airdrop tokens will be distributed within 60 days from the moment the sold tokens are distributed.

How to do the Yoo-Mi Airdrop by AirdropAlert

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