Crypto summer incoming? Great Airdrops of July with videos!

Great crypto airdrops of July 2019

June was a pretty wild month for crypto right? Are you excited about what July 2019 has to offer for giveaways and crypto prices? Now that we seemingly left the crypto winter behind, we’ll have a closer look at the great airdrops for July.

But firstly, did you collect all of the free tokens of June? And did you notice we celebrated our 2 year anniversary? This week in The Netherlands (where we are based) it is the hottest July night ever measured to date. Hopefully, we can say the same about a few of the free crypto coins that were available during these sweaty weeks.

List of great airdrops of July 2019

Never miss a free crypto airdrop again
Never miss a free crypto airdrop again

1. Novem Gold Exclusive Airdrop

Novem Gold is a project on the NEO blockchain with a NEP5 token. The team is set to transform the precious metal industry through the use of high ethical standards, modern communications, and advanced blockchain technology.

Novem Gold is changing the way gold is bought and sold, it’s also creating the first gold-backed token on the NEO blockchain, a blockchain purpose-built to tokenize assets. They have recently been featured on Forbes, which is a sign for a great free airdrop.

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If you don’t have a NEO wallet that supports NEP5 tokens, you can find a free guide here to quickly set one up.

2. Aussie Digital’s Superdrop

Aussie Digital is having a second airdrop after successfully closing the Aussie Digital Airdrop Round 1. The second round is called ‘SuperDrop‘, which has different tasks for Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This SuperDrop is a combination between an airdrop and a bounty which makes it interesting to add to your airdrop portfolio.

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Does that catch your interest?

Claim your free AUD tokens here.

3. PlasmaPay – 250 PBK + referrals for this great airdrop

The PlasmaPay Airdrop is worth 250 PBK tokens (~$ 5). In addition, feel free to share your referral link to earn 25 PBK tokens (~$ 0.5) extra for each friend you bring to the giveaway.

The video above shows a clear step-by-step guide on how to claim your free tokens. It also shows you how easy it really is to collect crypto coins in your wallets.

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4. Q DAO – A 3-year long airdrop

The Q DAO Airdrop is worth up to 9 USDQ tokens (~$ 9). Similar to the PlasmaPay giveaway, you can share your referral link to earn 1 USDQ token (~$ 1) for every referral. However, the referred friend will also earn 1 USDQ token (~$ 1) which makes it mutually beneficial for both parties to claim this crypto airdrop.

On top of it, there’s also a bounty available for people who want to earn more USDQ.

As this is an airdrop with a lot of steps, have a look at our guide for this hot airdrop:

5. Cresio Round 4

The Cresio team has been busy with several rounds of free tokens to give away. The third round was very popular with our users who upvoted it over 500 times and commented nearly 3000 times! Many users showed their love in our comment section, which makes the fourth round one to look out for! Definitely one of the greatets airdrops of today!

The Spanish team also has a sizable bounty budget of $50,000 available for our dedicated bounty hunters.

Looking to earn more crypto from home?

Joining the greatest airdrops is a great way to get started to make money online with cryptocurrency. However, there are several ways you can create extra income right from home.

Besides collecting freebies, there are several tricks you can use to increase your airdrop income. Be smart on how you spend your time and you’ll be able to create a steady money stream with airdrops & bounties.


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