Fastest and Biggest Airdrops in History

August 4, 2019

If you’re active in the crypto space, you’ve probably come across the term ‘crypto airdrops‘. What exactly are they? Simply put, an airdrop is a free distribution of crypto tokens or coins to a large number of wallets.

For users, this is a great way to earn some free coins. For startups and companies, it’s a way to gain exposure and spread the word about their project. In both cases, it’s a win-win situation.

Some airdrops are failures, some are moderately successful, and some of them are huge. And some of them were extremely fast. Let’s find out which.

Fastest airdrops ever

BDR is a native token of Bread, a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, they conducted an airdrop distribution. Their first airdrop was a huge success and it filled up in two hours. Impressive, right?

We also should mention Squeezer in the category of the fastest airdrops in history. Squeezer held an airdrop after a token sale. Result? It got 20k participants in just 60 minutes, which makes it one of the fastest airdrops by a number of joined users. Not bad.

Biggest airdrops in history

Some airdrops may not be the fastest, but they are certainly the biggest. In fact, giveaways of these six airdrops are worth over $500,000. And these include:

  • Decred, which airdropped 258,000 DCR
  • BitcoinCash. At one moment its airdrop had a value of $4300 per BCH.
  • Oyster airdrop, which distributed 2227 PRLs.
  • Minereum, whose 32,000 MNE tokens peaked at value a of $440,000.
  • Stellar, which airdropped $125,000,000 in XLM tokens, and is still open for registration.
  • BitTorrent airdrop for Tron holders. Around 100 billion BTT tokens will be airdropped to the wallets of TRX holders. Plus, BitTorrent will conduct monthly airdrops until 2025.

Some airdrops even distributed tokens to random Ethereum wallets addresses such as OmiseGo, More Gold Coin and Tron. Generous!

What are the hot airdrops of today?

If you want to check out some hot airdrops you can join, you should visit our website. Here are some airdrops you can participate in right now:

  • Novem Gold, a gold-backed stablecoin is distributing airdrop worth 3 NVM tokens (~$ 2.50).
  • Civic, a blockchain-based platform that protects your identity, is distributing an airdrop worth up to 25,000 CVC tokens.
  • Ten Billion Coin, which is designed to empower Chinese industries, is conducting an airdrop worth 3,000 YBY tokens (~$ 15) for the first 5,000 participants.
  • Rhovit, a virtual and cryptocurrency backed entertainment platform and the NEM blockchain, is giving away 40 RBIT tokens (~$10).

And you’ll find more airdrops to join on our website. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with new events in the airdrop world.

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