Mother of all blogs: EVERYTHING about Crypto Airdrops

2019 is coming to an end and with that hopefully the bear market as well. It’s been a rough year for any cryptocurrency project and everything surrounding it. ICO’s, IEO’s, STO’s, crypto Airdrops, Bounties, Wallets, and exchanges. Literally, everyone has been struggling to survive. Moreover, if we look back at the past 12 months, we see a graveyard of projects who left the industry for good.

The good news is, airdrops are still here! After 2,5 years in the airdrop field, it’s time for an overview of everything you need to know about free coins! This applies to consumers and businesses to give a full scope of the industry.

  1. What are crypto airdrops?
  2. How to get started with crypto airdrops?
  3. But be wary of the scams!
  4. With all the scams, can I actually make money with free coins?
  5. Wait, there are more benefits on collecting free crypto
  6. Not everything is fun and games with free crypto giveaways
  7. is the first platform for free coins
  8. Where can I sell my free tokens?
  9. What do businesses need to know about crypto airdrops?
  10. Community building
  11. What other benefits do crypto airdrops bring?
  12. Make the most of your campaign
  13. Will the Airdrop hunters invest?

let’s layout everything for consumers first.

What are Crypto Airdrops?

If you’re new to the world of free crypto giveaways, I’d suggest watching this short introduction video created by team AirdropAlert. It explains why projects are giving away free tokens. In addition, you get some real-world examples of companies using a similar viral marketing technique. You’ll find out the true crypto airdrop meaning within a few minutes.

As the first library for airdrops, we’ve explained all the in’s and out’s of airdropped coins in this following blog. It’s written by the founder of Airdrop Alert, who was a bounty hunter himself before starting his platform. One of the main reasons was to share his enthusiasm about blockchain to a wider audience then tech savvy people.

There’s more you need to know..

Now that you’ve learned about the concept of free coins, how can you actually earn from them? In the next blog, you’ll get the tips & tricks by our team to start earning online. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Don’t forget you can start earning more by referring your friends to crypto and blockchain projects. It’s very similar to affiliate marketing, but on an easier level. Copy & paste your referral link and share it with your friends and family.

Are Hard Fork’s also airdrops?

And you’ve probably heard about hard fork’s through Bitcoin Cash, Or Ethereum Classic. This basically means a blockchain is split into two different chains which each has its own coin. Does that sound complicated? Well here’s a blog to learn more about it.

But, did you know that Apple AirDrop has nothing to do with the airdrops crypto giveaways? Although every time I explain airdrops to people not familiar with cryptocurrency, they ask me if it’s related to the AirDrop app by Apple. Well, here’s a detailed explanation of the key differences.

Did you know, that the first distributed for a free crypto coin was in 2014 by Auroracoin? It was only for Iceland citizens, but it shows how old this technique actually is. And you might not believe it, but there were also bitcoin airdrops in the past! Shocking right?

It all started to push adoption, but the first experiment was a huge failure.

How to get started with crypto airdrops?

The easiest way to get started is to follow the starter kit created by

The starter kit is mostly focussed on Ethereum airdrops, but there are way more platforms you should keep an eye on! A perfect example is the BitTorrent airdrop that is performed on the Tron blockchain. Also keep an eye on EOS, Stellar, Waves and Stratis! Here’s a list of all the wallets you need to receive free tokens.

And of course we provide you with a list of where you can find the tokenized freebies and upcoming airdrops. You’ll find a list of the best sites for legitimate information and the biggest socials like crypto airdrops on Reddit. Have a look at the following article to find your best list of airdrops & bounties.

Have a look at our airdrop video guides

If you struggle to follow the step-by-step guides that we provide, have a look at our video guides that help you claiming your crypto tokens.

We see many users taken advantage of the video guides, as they find it much easier to follow. Don’t worry it slow-paced and it walks you through all the steps you need to take.

Make sure you utilize all the social media’s because there are many airdrop alerts to be found.

But be wary of the scams!

In every industry, there are a few bad players. Since cryptocurrency is a fairly new field, this attracts more scammers. So how do you protect yourself? Instead of searching for the best airdrops, you should also keep an eye out on the dangerous projects who try to get access to your wallet.

Make sure to do your due diligence and protect your private keys at all times! Nobody likes to lose their money, why would this be different with cryptocurrency?

Verified airdrops available here!

We prefer verified crypto tokens over shady projects, don’t you? If you do, make sure to have a look at the next blog to find safe opportunities for free crypto. As you noticed in the blogs above, you need to be aware of scams in this industry.

The cryptocurrency industry can be a dangerous place. Finances are at stake on a new technology that not everyone understands completely. We always advise you to work on your online security and stay on your toes. Don’t be a thief of your own wallet! Pick a safe crypto token by reading this beginner guide:

With all the scams, can I actually make money with free coins?

Of course, you can! In fact, there are many professional hunters that make a decent income from it. Want to learn how? Well, we figured it out and wrote a few pieces on it to teach you how to do it too!

Sometimes you have to be quick though because these projects can fill up very fast! These easy airdrops built big communities in a matter of a few hours. Crypto enthusiast love to get tokens from promising ICO’s.

You can also easily earn Ethereum, which should be a much lower risk for you. It’s a referral plan, but you could also call it an Ethereum airdrop if you want. We made it easy for you to share within a few clicks, just read the next blog to find out how you can do it.

You should also have a look at crypto bounties, if you’re looking to earn crypto online. It’s a little bit more effort, but the rewards can be bigger as well! There is several tasks available, like content writing, design, video creation, bug bounties, translation and more. Just have a quick look if you have some extra time on your hand.

Wait, there are more benefits on collecting free crypto

You can actually work from home while you learn about blockchain & investing. I mean, to collect the free coins you need a wallet to start with. Did you have one before you started joining airdrops? I know I’ve created several wallets, downloaded useful apps and signed up to exchanges all because I wanted the free money at hand.

And it doesn’t take much time at all to get a cryptocurrency airdrop. Actually, it’s a lot less effort then you image. You just have to set up the right tools and you’re good to go! Don’t believe the people who claim it is not worth your time, you can easily complete the task within a few minutes.

Not everything is fun and games, there are some problems with free crypto giveways

You don’t always get what you expect, but this is not always the fault of the projects. Believe it or not, our data suggest that many users fill in the forms wrong! Can you believe it? All that effort for some coins and you forget to leave your wallet address!

Trust me, it happens way too often.

How do you spot a shitty project? Sometimes you can already see from the landing page of the website if a project has a budget or not. When they don’t have any budget to spend on design, marketing or development. Do you think they can deliver? Here are a few problems with current airdrops that you should have a look at. is the first platform for free coins

Did you know we celebrated our 2 year anniversary in the summer of 2019? Yup we did! And we couldn’t have done it without the loyal support of our community. We celebrated the event with a giveaway of our own and had thousand of users join an receive their airdropped coins. Here’s a short recap of the story of

In addition, we released a Pro-Plan in Q4 of 2019, which is increasing in Pro-members every week. Not only do users get instant airdrops, but they also don’t have to lift a finger for it! Does it sound too good to be true? Just have a quick look at what we have to offer.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at what our members say. Never buy a product you don’t know or trust! Our users will speak for the product itself. Or at least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

Prefer to watch a video guide about it? Have a look:

Where can I sell my free tokens?

Now you’ve gotten this far and received an airdrop or two in your wallet. Where can you actually trade these ERC20 tokens? Well, you can sell them on several exchanges! But here’s our favorite one that is implemented in our airdrop dashboard.:

That should teach you everything you need to know about the wonderful world of free crypto coins.

Like to get started? Create an account today and start benefiting from the free coins that IEO’s and ICO’s give away. I mean, if you got all the way here it’s safe to assume we have gotten your interest!

What do business need to know about crypto airdrops?

But, why would you even give away your precious tokens? This is a question we’ve gotten hundreds of times, especially back in 2017. The simple answer is; user acquisition. But there are many more benefits you can get from building a community by spreading the word with free coins. Here’s a breakdown of them;

Community building

Building a solid community will be the biggest growth hack for your project! With projects struggling to raise money with VC’s and by ICO’s they turn to their communities. And guess what, if you built a strong community you can find investments there.

And here are some tips on how you can do it! *SPOILER* one of them is airdrops. But it’s not the only one. Building a community with just sheer numbers is relatively easy. But activating the community takes time, effort and a strategy. In this day in age, people lose interest quickly. Especially on the internet. Make sure you keep the attention of your users and together you will grow.

If those weren’t enough, here are even more tips to boost your TG group! Obviously, the blog dives deeper into different strategies you can use to start building your crypto community in a sustainable way. We’ve had a look at over 2500 projects we promoted and came to the following conclusions;

What other benefits do crypto airdrops bring?

Well, did you know it even increases your SEO rating? Traffic, direct and indirect, helps you can better and get indexed quicker by Google. Hopefully, people start spreading the words on social media like Twitter, or place your link on forums like Bitcoin Talk. All these things help you rank better in Google.

Or, that you gain legal benefits from them. You don’t want the SEC on your back now do you? Make sure to read the following piece on all the legal advantages you get from airdrops, one of them is distribution.

Make the most of of your campaign

You don’t want to give away free coins, but have the campaign be a failure right? All of the listed problems should be very clear, but still, we see many projects ignoring the facts. Why?

Make sure to avoid these huge mistakes! For us, the biggest one is not delivering on your promises about the airdrop. The community will turn against you every quickly, and the airdrop hunters and investors will lose interest. Read this blog to avoid some of the biggest mistakes ICO’s have made in the past.

This space has several fake Telegram channels or Twitter profiles that charge for promotion. Even some websites with fake traffic. Everything to make a sale, right? You better find the right channels to promote your campaigns in, cause it will hurt your brand reputation if you work with the wrong parties. Learn how to avoid them.

Focus on your funnels and conversions by A/B testing before you spend your entire marketing budget. This way you make sure you optimize your strategy with a small test. It’s cheaper to make a mistake on a test, than missing a key indicator on a big campaign. Make sense?

After reading this, you’ll be an expert in this type of marketing. You’ll be surprised how many projects fail at these simple tips we laid out for you.

Will the Airdrop hunters invest?

You’ll be surprised by how many of them actually do! But is your project worth it? There is much competition from other projects who are looking for investment from the Airdrop community, so make sure you stand out! Have a look at the average profile of the airdrop community;

And it’s not bad for your investors if you create the right structure. But sadly, numerous projects don’t think about the longterm sustainability of their project. And to show ROI to their investors is the last thing on their “to-do” list.

Yes, airdrops can be terrible for investors. But if the structure is right, it’s great for everyone involved.

Final words

That’s it! Hopefully, you’re fully educated about free crypto tokens after reading all our content. But if you feel like we missed something, feel free to let us know.

We’re hoping to educate both sides of the airdrop marketplace here. Projects benefit from real users who show interest in their ideas. But our community wants high-quality projects. How can we have both sides happy and satisfied?

We spread knowledge to both sides. We educate the users with content and video’s about your IEO or ICO. While we run advertisements and social media campaigns.

We help businesses create the right airdrop strategy. Making sure their funnels are optimized to reach their KPI’s. Each project will have a unique approach with our customized campaigns.

If you want to run a successful airdrop campaign, make sure to reach out to us and we’ll drive you legitimate traffic in no time.

If you don’t need our help with the strategy, we have simple promotions available. Just submit your airdrop here and we’ll have a look. You’ll be done within a few minutes. And we’ll be sending you real traffic in no time!



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