The market is low? Time to get some free cryptocurrency!

November 26, 2018

The crypto market reached a new low this weekend. Is it a good time to earn free cryptocurrency?

Ethereum is back to $100, and the total market cap makes $123 billion. After going sideways for months, we seem to be crashing every week. But here is a piece of great news.

You can earn even in this market.

These are 3 good ways to do it!

Keep on claiming new airdrops

For one thing, don’t stop doing what you have always done, and keep on accumulating free crypto by collecting airdrops. It only makes sense.

If your portfolio is going down in value, make sure to keep on adding tokens to your wallet! Of course, it’s well known that quality is more important than quantity. But at a critical moment like this, quantity will help you balance. 

An example of an airdrop you can join now is Bitsafe. It’s a quick airdrop to top off your portfolio with some free crypto.

By the way, are you sure, you don’t make any mistakes in the process of filling in the airdrop applications? This might very well be the reason for you not landing crypto in your wallets.

We have released a blog about the most common airdrop mistakes our users make. Read this piece if non-compliance with simple airdrop rules makes you hop mad.

Get right on bounties

hunt for bounties and earn free cryptocurrency

What about bounties you can always hunt at our bounties website? Sure, you’ve heard of them, but how do they work in practice? Well, actually almost like airdrops! 2 Years ago, there was a very clear line between airdrops and bounties. 

Airdrops were a complete free way to get cryptocurrency. No jobs were required, while bounties had social media tasks, translations or bug reporting. That being said, the first one was free, the other one required your time.

However, over the course of the past 18 months, airdrops started to require more and more social task. Which makes them small bounties. So if you are willing to spend some extra time, you can collect additional free cryptocurrency by hunting bounties.

Some additional ways to earn free cryptocurrency

HODL and earn free cryptocurrency

You can also hodl 🙂

But joking aside – you have been hodling for the past year, and every month there is blood on the streets. You slowly start thinking, does it actually make sense to keep on holding your coins? 

Surprisingly enough, there are a few ways for you to earn some crypto simply by staying committed to this strategy. Have you heard something about these methods of making money on crypto?





Still and all, you can earn free cryptocurrency simply by doing these things. Are you not sure what they mean? Right, because these topics, they will require some explanation. Stay tuned, and you’ll see that we’ll spill more beans in the following posts.

We’re done for now. Keep calm, stay away from blockfolio for a while and wait for new strategies from

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice


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