Derivative NFTs – The New Hype is Here

There’s a new hype in NFT town which is creating a derivative NFTs collectible series of one or two established PFP projects. In our blog last week on profile picture NFTs we already mentioned this hype is growing. Today we’re here to show you the biggest derivative NFT series that are all fit to use as your PFP on social media.

You might ask yourself, what makes an NFT investor collect a derivative? Isn’t it a rip-off of the original?

Well, yes. However, people are creatures of habit and are extremely sensitive to things they are familiar with. So what if you can’t afford a Crypto Punk, Bored Ape, or Doodle? Logically, you look for items that look similar or have the same sort of vibes. That’s why the current trend is leaning towards derivatives NFTs that are based on the best PFPs within the NFT community.

List of The Best Derivative NFTs

The most popular derivative NFTs of today use either the Apes or Punks with a small twist. We listed the ones with the highest volume or bigger sales. Keep in mind that when investing in derivatives that these NFTs have a hard time creating value for their investors in the long term. DYOR and make sure to not bet your precious ETH on a short pump.

1] Society of Derivative Apes (SODA)

These derivative NTFs are not affiliated with the Bored Apes or Doodles they derive from. You can find them on social media under the hashtag #SODAtivity! With a home in the Metaverse Sandbox and a community of 25K Twitter followers, it’s one of the earlier projects who mixed to established PFP NFT collections.

Society of Derivative Apes #4575
  • Current Volume: 2.2K ETH  
  • Number of Holders: 5.6 K
  • Floor Price: 0.05 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 7.9 ETH  (#8165)

2] Crypto Phunks

Phunks instead of Punks? You would think it’s a lack of creativity to come up with a different name or style. However, on their website, it becomes clear that this derivative is started by old community managers of the Crypto Punks.

It looks like they’re trolling the OG punks with this series, with their statement on the website: “Our lawyers told us to put something here to remind you that we are, in fact, definitely not Larva Labs.” The URL is ““. while is the company and marketplace of Crypto Punks and Meebits.

CryptoPhunks are created in July 2021 after being censored from the largest NFT platforms and abandoned by the original devs, a renegade group of community builders took it upon themselves to create their own Phunk marketplace. Since its launch in November 2021, has seen over $50M USD in total volume. Phunks are Punks facing left, while the original ones are facing right.

Not Larvalabs Phunk
  • Current Volume: > $50M USD (according to Crypto Phunks)
  • Number of Holders: unknown
  • Floor Price: 1.72 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 10 ETH  (#4389)

Alt punks

The Crypto Punks see the most spin-off collections. Some of them are 10k PFP, others create a different unique selling point by offering more scarcity by lowering the total amount. There’s a whole list of derivatives which are also known as “alt punks”. Here’s a list to name a few:

3] Creature Toadz

This particular one is a derivative of Creatures World and Crypto Toadz. Both of them are high-ranked PFP NFT collections, with volumes that go into millions. So the team behind Creature Toadz figured they’d combine the two of them.

Other than a blatant copy, this team has a roadmap (or Toadmap) which includes breeding Baby Toads, rewarding community members with rewards by adding Diamond Pad, plus merch and metaverse announcements. Basically, this shows us that they are making an attempt to keep this project alive and not just sell some copies.

Creature Toadz #165
  • Current Volume: 2.8K ETH  
  • Number of Holders: 5.3 K
  • Floor Price: 0.015 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 1.5 ETH  (#6314)

4] Superlative Apes

Minted just 5 days ago, these are the latest hot derivative NFTs. It’s a combination of The BAYC (yes again) and Superlative Secret Society NFT.

The Superlative Apes is a collection of 4,444 derivative Superlative Apes NFTs— unique digital and colorful collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. As they recently launched, we need to keep an eye on the project to see if they develop any future plans.

Superlative Apes #1829
  • Current Volume: 330 ETH  
  • Number of Holders: 2.6 K
  • Floor Price: 0.175 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 1.5 ETH  (#269)

5] Dickle Butts

According to their OpenSea listing, this is a project with no pre-sale, no roadmap, no real plan just good vibes. It’s a crossover between the pixel art Crypto Dick Butts and the colorful Doodles.

Mostly an NFT for degens and internet trolls, which we don’t mean in a bad way. it has some meme-value which we talked about in previous blogs. When something is tremendously silly, it attracts the mainstream who like to joke about how ridiculous NFTs are, by purchasing a Dickle Butt for example. This one would have fit into the latest South Park episode, in which they made fun of NFTs.

Dicke Butts #3301
  • Current Volume: 43.2 ETH  
  • Number of Holders: 1.2 K
  • Floor Price: 0.023 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: Not available

Final Thoughts on Derivative NFTs

There you have it. A full list of recent derivative NFTs that are slowly claiming their spot amongst the PFP NFTs we’ve become to love.

If you enjoyed this list, share it with your friends. Who knows, they might be looking into NFTs and like the mix between several established collections. Or at least it gives them a nice overview of what is currently trending in the NFT market. Sharing is caring, and it helps us get to create awareness in the NFT community.

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WAGMI & Happy Holidays!

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