DeFi Sources that You Can Trust

March 18, 2021


By now, you probably have some idea about Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Also, you might know the ways of earning from DeFi sources. Yet, it’s only natural that you want to know more. After all, DeFi is intriguing.

Recently, DeFi has become quite the buzzword of the blockchain-cryptocurrency domain. This is primarily due to its transformative potential, spanning across several sectors and processes. In this context, it’s not only interesting but also important to know about DeFi sources. To help, this article provides a list of some of the best sources of information on DeFi. 

Best DeFi Sources

Airdrop Alert

In 2017, Morten Christensen founded Airdrop Alert as a free resource for the cryptocurrency community. As the name suggests, this first-of-its-kind platform provides reliable information on airdrops and giveaway campaigns, among other topics. 

Since late 2020, Airdrop Alert started listing DeFi airdrops.

Being permissionless, DeFi sources are often misused by scams and frauds. Users, when unaware, lose substantially to fake giveaway campaigns and pump-and-dump schemes. Resolving this crisis was one of Morten’s main motivations behind founding Airdrop Alert. 

As we write this article, the platform’s newsletter has over 400,000 subscribers worldwide. Apart from substantiating its popularity, this also highlights the platform’s reliability within the community. To back up its team of expert writers, Airdrop Alert also has a dedicated diligence team responsible for verifying the content of promotional campaigns. 

DeFi Pulse

If you’re looking for updated analytics and rankings of DeFi sources, check out DeFi Pulse. To rank emerging and popular protocols, DeFi Pulse considers crucial parameters such as Total Value Locked (TVL). It updates the information every hour, by calculating the net balance of ERC-20 tokens in the protocol’s smart contract.

DeFi Pulse’s approach is multi-dimensional. Apart from the said rankings, it has curated an exhaustive and segregated list of DeFi sources—namely, The DeFi List. Furthermore, its newsletter, DeFi Pulse Farmer, provides the authentic and latest information related to Yield Farming. 

DeFi Explore 

DeFi Explore is a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) explorer, offering a hassle-free way of verifying MakerDAO’s vaults and stats. The unified platform has four dedicated sections—Explore, Stats, Simulation, and Liquidations.

‘Explore’ enlists the top 20 CDPs, while ‘Stats’ provides detailed information and statistics about these. ‘Simulation’ helps users in understanding how different automation configurations perform in varying conditions of the market. The final section, ‘Liquidations’, carries data about the liquidity status of the listed DeFi sources. In all, DeFi Explore is arguably the most reliable platform of its kind. 


Presently, lending and borrowing protocols are among the most commonly-used DeFi sources. Focusing on this aspect, LoanScan provides the latest data and analytics for decentralized loans and other financial instruments. Vitaly Bahachuk founded this platform in May 2018, with its headquarter in San Francisco, California. 

To ensure optimal user experience, LoanScan provides necessary tools, dashboards, and analytics for seamless loan management. Additionally, it offers real-time information on collateral ratios, loan portfolio composition, and interest rates. 

DeFi Prime

In 2019, Nick Sawinyh founded DeFi Prime—a media and analytics platform, based in Los Angeles. The primary objective of this community-oriented platform is to provide up-to-date information about DeFi sources. That apart, it educates users about the ways of building communities around decentralized financial ecosystems. 

While listing DeFi projects, the platform considers only the best in each domain. Alternative savings, analytics, asset management, derivatives, decentralized exchanges, insurance, lending, margin trading, and staking, are among the platform’s categories. In itself, DeFi Prime has a strong digital footprint, with over 10,000 members in its Telegram channel. 

Podtail: The DeFi Podcast 

Podtail is an innovative solution for the community to inculcate knowledge about DeFi sources. Rather than reading through long articles, you can simply plug-in your earphones and learn on the go. 

Despite being highly informative, every podcast on Podtail is of only 15 minutes, which is very attractive for today’s learners. The makers of these podcasts are none other than leading experts of the DeFi industry. 


In February 2021, the total value locked in DeFi sources touched almost $40 billion. In the days to come, such popularity and worth are expected only to rise. As the sector expands rapidly, it’s crucial for you to keep pace. 

To adequately gain from DeFi innovations, you need to be equipped with knowledge. By enlisting the best sources of information on DeFi, this article sets you off on your journey. Now, it’s your turn to seize the moment and tread strong into the future.

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